Oakley LSA Terrain boot vs Oakley Assault

Oakley LSA Terrain boot vs Oakley Assault

Check out the reviews, videos and comparisons for the Oakley LSA Terrain boot vs Oakley Assault and you be the judge which one is best for your feet.

Both boots are getting good reviews being used in many different terrains.

Oakley LSA Terrain Boot review I am currently over seas right now and I bought these boots to replace my old mil issue ones I had, and so far they are preforming great! So far I’ve put them though quite a rough summer and fall we will see how they hold up for the winter time. They are light and very flexible no complains about this boot. If you have access to standard issue I suggest you go there to buy it if not then amazon is the place for you to get it.

Video – Oakley LSA Terrain boot review

Check out the Oakley LSA Terrain Boot @ Amazon.com

Oakley LSA Water Boot review
I live in Florida and frequently hike through very wet/swampy areas and have a difficult time finding a boots that can drain water and dry out fast enough to keep my feet comfortable. Water proof boots don’t work in many of these areas because the water goes over the top of the boots and then they take forever to dry out and leave you with swamped feet. For a while I have been using Vietnam style jungle boots, but I sure am glad I found these as they are much more comfortable.

Video – Oakley LSA Water boot review

Check out the Oakley LSA Water Boot @ Amazon.com

The LSA Water boot drains water incredibly fast and also dry out extremely fast. In addition, they are very comfortable. The second day I had them I took them out into the sticks and wore them for about 8 hours and had no blisters or hot spots on my feet, and this was without any sort of break in period. They are great for warm weather climates because they breathe exceptionally well, keeping your feet quite cool. They are also very flexible and feel like you are wearing a comfortable sneaker more than a boot.
Overall, these boots are absolutely wonderful if you live in a wet and warm climate. I highly recommend them.

The Oakley LSA Water boots have been worn successfully on GoRuck Selection course.

Oakley SI Assault boot review

The Oakley SI Assault boot is lightweight but rugged enough for tough terrain and military operations. I will keep these boots forever. These suckers are light weight, breathe well and lasted me 2 deployments one in Iraq and one in Afghan. I did have to resole the boots so i could have some traction going up mountains, but i will keep these boots forever along with the souls as a war momentum. Best boot ever, and I own quite a few. One exception is not the latest generation so sole is not stitched, Not waterproof as well but dry fast,

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