Petzl Climbing Rope Reviews

Check out the reviews and feedback for these Petzl climbing ropes and you be the judge which one you want to tie in and climb with.

Petzl Fuse 9.4mm Single Rope
Spectacular rope. Incredible dynamic stretch and super lightweight. The Petzl Fuse 9.4mm Dynamic 70 meter Climbing Rope is tough, durable and ideal for just about all the climbing you can throw at it. And its super lightweight making it useful for a mountaineering trip where budget doesn’t support the purchase of twins/half ropes.

I’ve set up top ropes, sport climbs, drug the rope across the country (literally from Mass to Idaho)and had a lot of great climbs with it. I expect a lot more before I retire it. I even used it to teach the lady friend to lead (pictured). Get this rope for satisfactory sport climbs, trad climbs whether you’re doing a five minute or five mile approach.

No one likes to climb with more weight than necessary, and Petzl built the Fuse 9.4mm Single Rope for those who want the low weight without sacrificing durability. Thanks to a DuraTec dry treatment, this Petzl rope stays bone dry on dripping wet ice climbs and has a reduced sheath friction for better longevity on the rock. Sport climbers, trad climbers, and ice climbers alike find this rope to be a great performer at 56 g/m. Plus, Petzl added a center mark to help you set up rappels quicker and make them safer. Bottom Line: Light, smooth, and dry.

Petzl Dragonfly 8.2mm Half Rope
GREAT HANDLING AND DURABLE ROPE. A few months ago I used one of these ropes on the Black Ice Couloir. The climb was a bit “modern” with thin and mixed sections and the rope was perfect, offering security and weight savings so we could move fast. The Valhalla Traverse was really fun with a little new snow to keep it interesting and offer some footing over the frozen kitty litter type material that you have to cross get to the Black Ice.

The Petzl Dragonfly Dynamic Half Ropes ropes are light weight and have great handling. The butterfly coil, as an other reviewer already said, really works well, eliminating the need to coil and uncoil your new rope several times to get the kinks out before use. These ropes are showing noticeably less wear than a pair of Beal cords that I had a couple years ago with even fewer pitches on them. Orange and green happen to be a couple of my favorite colors too!

For a tough, all-around rope that is sure to keep you safe for many climbs to come, uncoil the Petzl Xion 10.1 Climbing Rope. Built with 22% more sheath than typical Petzl ropes, the Xion 10.1 offers ease of handling and increased longevity for the long haul. Its Duratec Dry treatment helps keep out moisture during drizzle or humid conditions so you don’t have to worry about added water weight. A factory-made butterfly coil means this cord is ready to use the moment you get it so you can hear the envious ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ of your partner right away. Bottom Line: Not your typical cord.

Petzl Xion 10.1 mm Climbing Rope
petzl climbing rope reviews xionFeels thin, handles smooth. Used a friend’s Xion for cragging and couldn’t believe it’s a 10.1 as it felt more like 9.6mm’s I’ve used. It fed really smooth through a variety of belay devices (grigri, grigri2, reverso, Smart) and the rope itself feels supple and soft.

The other rope I was using that day was a stiff 9.8 Mammut Tusk and the difference between the two ropes was night and day. I haven’t had a whole lot of trust in Petzl Ropes since their initial release and subsequent durability issues, however the Xion has restored my faith in their ropes.

Petzl made the Dragonfly 8.2mm Half Rope with 36% of the material in the sheath to give it the durability to handle demanding ice and alpine climbs or wandering rock routes. This Petzl rope also uses single-pick construction to create a tight sheath that holds out dirt and grime to protect the core.

Using two Dragonfly 8.2mm Climbing Ropes together in double-rope technique reduces rope drag and provides a redundant system to improve your margin of safety. Petzl added a dry treatment to both the sheath and core to keep this rope from getting wet in the harsh mountain environment. *Sold individually.

Bottom Line:
Grab a pair of the durable Petzl Dragonfly 8.2mm Half Ropes for the performance you need on a big, demanding winter route.

The Petzl Nomad Climbing Rope is a lightweight workhorse for everything from an overhanging sport project to a massive alpine objective. At 9.8mm, this smooth-handling cord bridges the gap between next-gen skinny ropes and old school fatties. It’s durable, thick sheath holds up to repeated abuse from gritty southern sandstone or alpine granite, and the Duratec dry treatment coats both the sheath and the core for long-lasting protection from wetness and freezing. Bottom Line: The ultimate all-around rock rope.

The rope that refuses to die. I think that says it all. Super burly sheath means that it stands up to miles and miles of climbing. Yes it is a stiffer Petzl rope but that just means it is really going to stand up to the abuse. Look no further if you want to get your money’s worth! Multiple alpine trips, sport cragging and trad multi pitch on this line and it is still going strong.

Petzl Mambo 10.1 mm rope-review:
I just started climbing a year ago and this was the rope that my climbing partner recommended. He has one and we both like it a lot. He has been climbing for 8 years and has a lot of experience in the mountain ranges. I wanted to get a new rope and we talked about it a few times and compared brands when we were up in Eldorado canyon and other climbing parties were getting gear together. If you look at other comparable brands that are similar in price you will see some nice features. I like that the rope has a mid-rope mark to show you where you are when setting up a belay. The rope is light weight for the size at only 8 lbs for or so for a 10.1 mm size. It also runs very smooth through your belay device so if you are doing multi-pitch climbs you can really feel the difference. I am very pleased with this rope and looking forward to this years climbing season.

Question: Where can I find out more info on the American Alpine Club? Check out the AAC website here: is a proud member of the Access Fund

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