Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boot review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Rocky C5C boot and you decide if it is good enough for your feet.

Rocky c5C Commercial Military boot review

One of the first things about these boots that you notice is that they are very light.

I thought they were a little uncomfortable at first but then i loosened up the laces closest to my toes and it felt better.

I wore them around town and did some yard work for two weeks to break them in. After that i took them on a 6 mile road march on a dirt road near my house and they started to feel ok.

So – overall I really like the Rocky C5C boots. I have several boots that i have worn over the years like Nike and Danner and Oakley but in the end I like the Rocky’s the best.

One good thing I like is that even after wearing them for a while there is not any stitching that is coming apart. A really good sign.

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rocky c5c military boot reviewOne thing we really like is that these boots have an aggressive tread and are lightweight like the Rocky c4t.

These are fully Army compliant boots so you are good to go on the range.

If you are on your feet all day long marching and shooting at the range this is a go to boot for you.

At $82 this is a no brainer as it is a dollar value.

Question: What about Rocky vs 511 tactical. Both are good boots so I would check to see which one fits your feet the best.

Question: Do you know any Special Forces guys that are wearing these boots? Yes; one of our guys was up at the bar the other day and had on a pair so I guess they are good for street wear also.

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