SGPT Interviews Jamie Len Cumbo

Jamie Len Cumbo

SEALgrinderPT Interview

SGPT: Tell us about yourself.

Jamie Len Cumbo:   I’m 30 years old, married to the love of my life, and currently live in Cumming, GA.   I graduated from The University of Georgia.  I’ve overcome some serious health issues over the years, which has led me to where I am today, to being a coach helping others get healthy.

I love sports, anything with a motor in it, and working out.  I have my own motorcycle that I love to ride. I love working out and have a big passion for jump training… plyometrics, trampolines, and especially jumping rope!

The Jump Rope Queen – Jamie Len Cumbo

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SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  Yes. I played fast pitch softball, volleyball, swim team, and cheerleading (does that count!?)

SGPT: How did you get started with jumping rope?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  After I was diagnosed with cancer (malignant melanoma), I made a lot of big changes in my life.  One of them was losing weight.  I started jumping rope when I hit a weight loss plateau.  I decided I was going to do some high intensity interval training so I could switch things up.  I started out with a weighted rope doing single jumps and double unders.

Then, I will never forget this moment, but a guy saw me jumping rope at the gym and said, “If you can do THAT with the rope you’re using, try this” and he handed me a lighter rope that he was using.  I can’t explain what happened but it was something I picked up VERY quickly and more importantly, loved every minute of it.  I started watching videos on YouTube of boxers to teach myself new tricks and ways to train, but then realized, everyone has their own style.  So I started going to the gym consistently with my rope, to find my own.

Video – Jamie Len Cumbo – The Jump Rope Queen

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SGPT: Can you tell us about some of your recent TV shows and appearances?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  The most recent TV appearances were the series of Nike commercials that aired last year.

SGPT: How do you typically train?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  My typical training consists of P90X and jumping rope.  When I train, I train hard.  If I’m not completely drenched in sweat or feel like I’m gonna throw up when I’m done working out, I know didn’t push hard enough.

SGPT: What about diet – how do you eat and fuel yourself on training days?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  For my diet, I have been doing plant based the past few months.  I do eat shrimp and salmon on occasion, but other than that, I eat tons and tons of veggies, legumes, quinoa, and grains.  I am still learning so much about this type of nutrition but it has worked for me dramatically improve the symptoms of my autoimmune, Sjorgren’s.

SGPT: what tip would you give an athlete struggling from single unders to double unders?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  Always look straight ahead- not down at your feet and BE PATIENT.  It’s one of those things that if you keep practicing (it does not happen in one day), but if you keep at it, one day you will pick up your rope and whip out 5 or more double unders in a row and wonder where that just came from. And when you’re done with a really good jump rope training session, you’ll experience something better than a runner’s high.  It’s addicting.

SGPT: do you use different ropes for different workouts (tricks vs cardio?)

Jamie Len Cumbo:  I have many different kinds of ropes that I use.  Ones made of nylon, wire, wire coated, rubber, etc.  I like to switch things up.  I do different moves to keep things interesting and to help me push harder, for longer, so I can get my endurance up.

Video – Jamie Len Cumbo transformation

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SGPT: Do you take any protein supplements or post recovery workout drinks?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  I drink Shakeology, Sun Warrior protein, and I Kill Cliff before my workouts. It gives me that little extra kick I need.

SGPT: Have you had any injuries in the past and how did you deal with
them in training?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  Injuries? Plenty.  But the biggest one would probably be my left knee which I tore ALL the ligaments and dislocated my knee cap, which has resulted in two reconstructive knee surgeries.  It’s ironic that I have such a passion for jump training. I think the mind is such a powerful thing. Do I have good days and bad day with my knee?  Yes. But it doesn’t stop me from doing what I love.  I’ve learned to push through and do the moves correctly or slightly modified to help lessen the impact.

Unfortunately, dealing with injuries is part of the game. Anyone who trains hard will be injured at some time.  It doesn’t mean that you have to quit. It means you improvise and focus on what you CAN do, and work around it.

SGPT: Do you have any pre-competition or hard workout warm-up or mental drills you perform?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  To warm up before I stretch, I do 30 seconds at about 50-60% speed, then rest for 30 seconds and repeat that cycle 5 times. After about 5 minutes, I’m warm and able to stretch.

But it’s my music that really gets me in my zone.  I wish I could tell you I listened to Disturbed, Metallica, or some other hard rock to get me pumped, but that’s not true.  I listen to Dolly Parton or anything from the 80’.  Once I put that on- I’m immediately in my zone.   And that’s when the fun begins…

SGPT: What are you reading now?

Jamie Len Cumbo:  The Success Principles by Jack Canfield (again). I have read it every year for the past 9 years.  And learn something new every time.

SGPT: Thanks for the interview Jamie Len.

Jamie Len Cumbo:  Thank YOU so much for the opportunity J

Jamie Len Cumbo

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