SPRI Gravity Trainer Pro Review

Check out the review and specifications for the SPRI gravity trainer pro and you make the decision if good enough for your home gym.

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The SPRI Gravity Trainer in its standard form stands as a versatile fitness companion renowned for its lightweight, portable nature, offering a comprehensive workout experience. Leveraging the body’s own weight, this training tool serves as a full-spectrum solution for developing lean muscle, fortifying core strength, and enhancing overall flexibility. Its innovative design allows individuals to engage in effective workouts while utilizing their body weight, catering to various fitness levels and goals.

Featuring a four-point anchoring system, the Gravity Trainer enables swift adjustments to modify resistance levels, accommodating users’ evolving fitness requirements. Its adaptable nature ensures a personalized workout experience, empowering individuals to progress gradually or intensify their routines as desired. Furthermore, the compact and travel-friendly design of this fitness tool makes it an effortless choice for those on the go, providing an accessible means to maintain fitness regimens while traveling or on vacation. As an easily transportable and multifunctional fitness device, the SPRI Gravity Trainer epitomizes convenience and effectiveness in achieving fitness goals anywhere, anytime.

SPRI Gravity Trainer Pro Review

If you’ve ever looked up how much a TRX system costs, suspension training might seem to be out of reach for you.

The SPRI Gravity Trainer Pro is more barebones, but is a great way to test the waters.

The quality seems good – I use it several times a week and they show no signs of strain under use.

I am using them suspended from my basement ceiling joists (by looping the strap through itself), and they’ve held up well.

The length seems appropriate for all exercises I’m doing. The loop is padded nicely. These are a little different from most budget suspension trainers that have two short straps connected via carabiner to the longer anchor strap. I appreciate the ability to do unilateral work with these. They don’t come with a door cleat which allows them to be used in a larger variety of doorways/hinges.

This unit works well but it can get strained under heavy weight.
The SPRI Gravity training device is well built and supports my large 280lb 6 ft 6 body, but the interior doors that have to support him and the device, not so much. The exterior doors would but they are sealed so tightly there is no room for the straps. Now hotel doors, as they tend to be heavy, have lots of locks, and are not air tight to the frame by any means, would work well with this.

In sum, if you are a bigger guy with an average house looking to work out at home, you probably wont get much use out of these. But if you have home equipment but travel a lot and are looking to have easily packable exercise equipment to use in your hotel room, this would be great. If your a tiny person, you can probably get lots of use from this at home.

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