Top 10 SOCOM Helmet Accessories

Special operators are on track to receive new helmets in the future. These new rigs are constructed to give you protection against ballistics (bullets) but also be able to integrate/ work with newest hearing protection and head-mounted communications devices.

We will have to wait a little while for the new Gentex helmet. So what all kinds of goodies can we put on the current helmet to make it fully functional and trick it out?

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#10 Team Wendy EPIC Air Helmet Liner System

If your going to put a helmet on your head you may as well make it comfortable. Putting in a fresh padded helmet liner can be a nice comfort over the long haul.

#9 Surefire Headlamp

#8 Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Rail 3.0 Helmet Cover

#7 Norotos PVS-15/18/21 Dovetail Adapter

#6 Team Wendy EXFIL Quick Release Comms Adapter Kits

US Night Vision Rhino Arm

That sticks with the ongoing use of “high cut” helmets that allow for a wider range of communications and hearing protection devices that are commonly used in special operations units such as Marine Special Operations Command.

The contract calls for anywhere from $150,000 to $95 million worth of helmets but doesn’t distinguish the quantity that SOCOM is seeking. Online pricing shows individual helmets on the retail market costing about $1,400 each without optional accessories.

Officials expect production to finish by 2024.

The Army’s currently issued Advanced Combat Helmet has a mid-cut, the same as the design used for many of the Enhanced Combat Helmets, also made by Gentex.

Top 10 Tactical Helmets

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