Top 10 Special Forces Backpacks Review 2014

By Brad McLeod 12-7-2014
Top 10 Special Forces Backpacks Review 2014

special forces backpack

Vote for your favorite backpack in 2014. Post up in comments below.

We are counting up votes and comments till the start of the new year and posting up results here.

If you want to be heard – post up in comments below.

Thanks in advance and look forward to getting great feedback.

Which pack have your used and how do you like it.


Introducing the Eagle Industries Hydration Backpack, the YOTE, constructed from durable 500D Multicam camouflage nylon. Eagle Industries, born from the rigorous standards of the Navy SEAL community, continues to prioritize excellence in its gear. Proudly made in the USA, all Eagle Industries products are Berry Compliant, ensuring top-tier quality for military operatives and backcountry adventurers alike.

This hydration backpack, featuring technical details like dimensions of 11.55 x 6.95 x 17.95 inches and a package weight of 1.32 kilograms, is designed to meet the demands of tactical missions and outdoor excursions. With a limited lifetime warranty and a classic style, this Eagle Industries backpack is an essential piece of gear for military special forces operators seeking reliability, durability, and performance in the field.

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#9 Voodoo Tactical

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#9 ALICE pack

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#6 Condor 3 DAY ASSAULT

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#5 Mystery Ranch

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#3 5.11 RUSH


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Post up and let us know what you like.

Top 10 Special Forces Backpack Reviews

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