Training Question: What is a good shoe for SGPT 365 and CrossFit workouts?

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Hey Coach!

Me and a buddy of mine are powering through the SGPT 365 workout series! But my current training shoes are coming to it’s last days.

Can you send me a few suggestions to what would be the ideal shoe in your opinion?

I intend to use it to fully complete the SGPT 365 Challenge and I am a CrossFit enthusiast.

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

Good question Rakeem

I like the Oboz trail shoe as an all around workout, hiking, CrossFit shoe (good for rope climbing ). These shoes would be good for SGPT 365 workouts or mowing your lawn. You can do alot with these kicks.

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Reebok was the first company to design and make a CrossFit shoe. They have been at the forefront of putting together a great shoe that works time after time. This would be your go to shoe for the gym.

This is Reebok’s 12th version of the Nano X2 so they have taken the time in the past decade to upgrade and refine this shoe to serve the CrossFit and functional fitness home gym crowd.


Another shoe that we really like is made by Inov-8. These are more of a specialty CrossFit shoe with its lightweight frame.

These shoes can be used for gym workouts, trail running and mountain biking but will not be as durable as the next shoe (Oboz).

I have used two different versions of Inov-8 for CrossFit workouts and trail running. They are lightweight so dont expect them to take a lot of abuse in rocky terrain.


I have been wearing these rugged shoes for workouts in the driveway, rucking, hiking, mountain biking and trail work. They have stood the test of time.

Check out the review we did a few years back. Oboz Sawtooth @

We also like the LALO Bloodbird as a specialized workout training shoe.

Lalo blood bird review SEALGRINDERPT

Check out the review for LALO Bloodbird a few years back.

I have also worn and used the LALO Grinder shoe which is light weight and zero rise. It is a good stable shoe for workouts. It is not a good option for long distance running.

SGPT Athlete Scott Bylewski:
I wear either On or Nike Free Air for running. Under Armor for cross training. ASICS trail shoes for XC. Columbia winter boots for hitting the trails / rucking and I’ll add micro spikes if icy or very slick.

SGPT Athlete Enam Hoq
I wear GORUCK Ballistic Trainers. They provide great support and are extremely durable. I’ve put in well over 200 miles. Most of those miles were rucking on trails. I’ve also worn those shoes in two GORUCK events.

SGPT Athlete Joey Mur
No Bulls for Crossfit. Altras for runnning and field work or rucking

SGPT Athlete Clay Williams
Depends…use ONs a lot of times (usually strength only days) but usually I wear trail running shoes for all wkouts especially HIIT / CrossFit style wods…best I have ever found and have used for over a decade are INOV-8

Question: Coach; where can I find out more information about CrossFit?

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