Voit UDT swim fin reviews

Check out the reviews and comparisons for the Voit UDT swim fins and you decide if they are good for your next swim.

These fins have been in use for many decades by the Navy Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) and Navy SEALs.


Constructed from dual density rubber
Soft rubber foot pocket and a stiff blade
Hydro-dynamically designed for greater propulsion

Review: I received these for Christmas 2011 and finally had the chance to use them. I used them down on several dives in the Florida Keys earlier this month, going as deep as 120′ on two dives. (June 2012) One word suffices: Outstanding! Now for the why: the Voit UDT Duck Feet Swim Fins fast, easily controllable, and, in my opinion, better than modern scuba fins.

There is only one thing a diver needs in order to use these and that is strong legs. They’re quality made. I own five pairs of fins, including these and these are now my favorite. They’re better than rocket fins. I have no regrets over getting these. If that sounds like something you’d like or need, I highly recommend these without any hesitation.

Question: How can I find out more information on becoming a Navy SEAL?
Answer: Check out the main website here:

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