Vulcan V Hammer Squat Stand Review

vulcan v hammer squat stand reviewCheck out the reviews and videos for the Vulcan V hammer squat stand and you be the judge if it will work well in your garage gym.

V-Hammer Squat Stand II Review
Great piece of equipment, solid & sturdy.

It was packaged up really well even though Fedex destroyed the box.

Non of all the pieces seems to stay in place and were not scratched.

Awesome and very helpful costumer service when I called about assembly.

Regular price $795 now on sale for $695.

Check out the Vulcan V-Hammer squat stand HERE:

I can’t believe no one has reviewed this yet. Hopefully this will convince others to buy this. The rack was sent extremely well packaged and arrived quickly (about 2-3 working days). The pieces were packaged so well that even after FedEx completely annihilated the cardboard, all of the pieces managed to stay unharmed and all nuts and bolts were accounted for.

The product itself…unbelievable. Not sure why people buy less sturdy products for 2x as much other than just for the name I guess. The steel is solid and all of the pieces feel like you could drop a tank on it and the rack wouldn’t bend. I did have to go out and buy a larger adjustible wrench as well as a socket for my ratchet to put the pieces together but the savings for the quality was worth it. Plus I got to buy new tools so win-win. If having to buy tools is a deal breaker (despite saving literally hundreds of dollars), maybe this rack isn’t for you.

I did some ridiculously exaggerated kipping pull ups and there was only a slight wobble. I just wanted to see what the rack could take and I was impressed. If I could only tolerate absolutely zero wobble then I would have bought a rack that bolted into a wall. I will note that I didn’t try my ridiculous pull-ups with any plates mounted to the rack which I imagine would have reduced the wobble to pretty much 0; however, if I ever find myself doing those kinds of pull ups for real then I shouldn’t be allowed to use the rack. To be honest, there was so little movement that I didn’t care to even test it with the weights holding it down.

The fact that it comes with spotter arms was a plus. This rack will last longer than I will. Vulcan does offer military discounts which was great and the customer service was excellent when inquiring about it. I will recommend this product to anyone looking for a squat rack.

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