WOSS trainer vs TRX review

Check out the reviews and video comparison for the WOSS trainer vs TRX suspension trainer and you decide which one will work out best in your home or garage gym.

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The WOSS trainer is no longer available on Amazon and is a discontinued item.

WOSS trainer Review
If you are in the market for a suspension trainer (cough TRX cough), you want to buy this one. I am a month away from graduating from a Personal Training academy. The day after I received the WOSS AttacK Trainer, I took it to school and hung it up right next to the TRX Trainer and my fellow students and I all took turns working out on both. Not only were we able to do all of the exercises that the TRX can do, but we were able to come up with several new ones that took advantage of the free D-Ring on the top (the attachment point on the WOSS is simply a D ring with a strap running through it- the TRX has the strap sewn into a loop so the handles can’t slide back and forth on the D-ring). This small difference allowed new moves to be thought up- insert inverted “lawn mower pull” rows here. The other plus that we found was that the handle grips are removable on the WOSS, unlike the TRX. This allows you to run a single handle through BOTH straps (instead of having to tangle the handles together as you do on the TRX) when you single arm rows/single arm reach through’s.

So take it from a room of 15 professionals all putting this thing through the ringer- it is worth every penny and more. Half the class ended up buying their own on Amazon before the class was even over!

TRX Suspension trainer review
woos trainer vs trx reviewI really like TRX. It is a good work out. Some points on this product bundle:

  1. The strap is very well made and worth the expense. Some commenters have said “you can run down to Home Depot and pick up X, Y and Z and build your own strap for $X.” Not really. The padded handles, quick adjustability and DVD instructions cannot be replicated using a home brew replacement. The TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit is a well built product. If your budget is strained and you’re a good handyman, a home built piece of equipment is OK (maybe make a couple straps of fixed length to get around the adjustability issue). But if you can find the cash flow for TRX, I’d go in that direction.

  2. Not a big fan of the DVD. It’s OK, but not great. If you can get in-person instruction, I’d opt for that. I learned TRX at a YMCA group class. A good instructor monitors you and gives you continuous feedback on your technique and also some motivational commentary. I get the impression the difference between a good and bad TRX workout is whether you have good technique. Even though I have TRX at home now, I will still try to make the YMCA class once a week to keep my style in line.

  3. I didn’t think through the door anchor before I purchased. You need workout floor space where the door opens AWAY from you. I have a large house and not one door had suitable workout space where the door opened away from you. The places where the door opened away were cramped spaces or had furniture in the way. I’m going to have to buy the wall anchor now, which I really prefer not to mount. Oh well.

Question: What about the WOSS trainer vs Jungle gym? Check out the article link at the bottom of the page.

Question: Was the owner of TRX really a Navy SEAL and how do I learn more about the training?

Answer: Yes; you can check out the Navy SEAL website here:

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