GORUCK Challenge Packing List

goruck packing listWe have many athletes in our SGPT group that are training for a GORUCK Challenge.

We encourage all of our athletes to try an event like this.

Set a big gnarly goal that scares you and go after it.

From the GORUCK light to SELECTION – these events are tough and you need to be prepared mentally and physically.

Training for events like this will help you plan for goals, train daily and build discipline. This will enable you to finish strong with a smile on your face.

Check out this list of gear that you will need for this outdoor fitness event.

#10 Nylon shorts (Ranger panties)

#9 Compression shorts (underwear)

#8 Short sleeve T-shirt (preferably nylon as dries quicker)
Long sleeve T-shirt or thin polypro top if cooler

#7  Wool blend socks (thin liners optional) (We like Smartwool socks)

Video – GORUCK Packing List (AAR)

#7 Anti Chafe Balm
bodyglide anti-chafe balm (for feet, crotch and nipples)
or Hydropel ointment (prevents blisters)

#6 running shoes or light weight hiking boots

#5 hydration bladder or water bottles

#4 protein bars with carbohydrate

#3 weight for ruck (can be bricks (add duck tape) or sand bag

#2 Electrolyte tables

#1 Backpack
sack (back pack)

Optional Items
#1 Gloves
#2 Wool cap is weather is cooler

Question: is the GORUCK event good to help prepare for Special Forces training? Yes, it is

one of many steps to take.

You can click and sign up for the events.

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