GORUCK Challenge Packing List

goruck packing listCheck out this list of gear that you will need for the GoRuck Challenge.

Nylon shorts
compression shorts (underwear)
short sleeve T-shirt (preferably nylon as dries quicker)
long sleeve T-shirt or thin polypro top if cooler
wool blend socks with thin liners

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Ruck sack (back pack) and bricks
bodyglide anti-chafe balm (for feet and crotch)
or Hydropel ointment (prevents blisters)
running shoes or light weight hiking boots
gloves (optional but you may need)
hydration bladder or water bottles
protein bars with carbohydrate
hydration tablets

GoRuck Gear Modifications

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Question: is the GORUCK event good to help prepare for Special Forces training? Yes, it is one of many steps to take.

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GoRuck Challenge Packing List