GORUCK Event Foot Care Tips

goruck foot care We get this question every week “Coach, how do I protect my feet in the GoRuck Challenge?”.

You could be a super stud athlete but if you don’t prepare and take care of your feet – your going to be just another casualty that your buddies are going to have to carry. Or worse – you will wuss out and quit from the temporary pain. Don’t be a casualty!

Check out these GoRuck Foot Care Tips to help you thrive and excel in the GoRuck event.

Tip #1
Break in your boots
Buy your boots well in advance of the event. Don’t buy them the day before. Break them in slowly by wearing them around town. Work in the yard. Then go on a mile walk. Eventually add a backpack with weight. Make sure you get a boot the is light but also drains well as you will probably get wet.

Tip #2
Wear double socks
This is an old school method but it can be your Ace in the hole. Use a thinner inner sock with a thicker outer wool blend sock. The inner sock is also called a “liner sock”. This one method can make a big difference in how your feet hold up long distance.

Numerous GORUCK graduates have worn this sock and swear by them.

Stay ahead and take care of your feet.

Article on how to prevent blisters with double socks

Tip #3
Use Body Glide
Always keep a tube of Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm near by. Put it all over your feet. Add it around your crotch and nipples. It works. Share it with your buddy. There are other brands like Gold Bond that work too.

Tip #4
Toughen up your feet
Walk barefooted on the beach or on your front lawn. Get your tenderfeet used to rougher surfaces. In a recent GoRuck in San Fran area the students walked 3 miles in socks. Be ready for anything at anytime.

Article on how to toughen your feet

Tip #5
Larger boots
Get a pair of boots that are a half size larger so that you can wear thicker socks. This will also allow for your feet to swell (which they will).

Tip #6
Extra Socks
Take an extra pair of socks with you for later in the event. Your feet will probably get wet or be soaked in sweat. Trade out the old socks for new and your feet and mind will feel better.

Tip #7
Ruck march weekly
This goes without saying but put on your ruck and slowly build up weight and distance and hills over time. Get your body and feet used to ruck marching. Figure out where hotspots are on your feet and look to get them patched up and fixed.

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