GoRuck Training Program

goruck arrowWe get asked every week “Coach, how do I train for the GoRuck Challenge – do you have a GoRuck Training Program?”

So we went trained for GoRuck and then went through the recent Challenge in Atlanta. We made tweaks and adjustments to the plan.

Then we went back to training and are planning on doing another event in June.

Here is the 60 Day GoRuck Training Program email series. * Here is what you get daily:
* Daily workout
* mental edge tips
* interviews with GoRuck grads
* positive mental attitude quotes
* 24/7 email, text and Skype access to Coaching

The cost is $9.97 for 60 days – or $0.16 cents a day.
Insider Training Tips This 51 Year Old
Former Navy SEAL Used To Finish
The GORUCK Challenge

Normally $45 – Now Just $9.97

Questions from athletes in our gym and readers online.

Question: Coach, what is the difference between the SGPT GoRuck Training Program and the military athlete goruck training program? SGPT cost much less and you can email me or text and I respond back to help. I also send out free mental edge audios to listen to while you ruck.

Question: Why not just use the free 6 week GoRuck training program? You can do that and not get support and accountability and free audios we give you at SGPT. Then you can try our program and see a massive difference for $9.97.

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GoRuck Training Program

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