GoRuck vs Maxpedition Falcon 2 Reviews

goruck backpackCheck out the reviews, videos, comparisons and info for the GoRuck vs Maxpedition Falcon 2 reviews and you make the best decision for your ruck marching.

The GoRuck backpack has built up loyalty over the past few years as one of the top go-to ruck packs around.

It was voted best tactical backpack by SEALgrinderPT.com by our viewers. Bullet proof build, made in the USA, and no questions asked SCARS program.

You break it, they fix or replace it.

They just want the back story, especially if sent in with bullet holes or imbedded frags.

Video – GoRuck 1 review

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The Falcon II Backpack is the go-to backpack if your looking for a durable, ergonomic, and well designed pack. This medium bodied pack is thoroughly constructed with 1050-Denier water & abrasion resistant nylon; yet its ergonomic shape, padded shoulder straps and sturdy sternum & waist support make it easy to wear.

MaxPedition Falcon II Review by Keith
The Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack is my favorite pack.

It is a medium transport pack that I use for 1-3 day bow hunting trips when I venture from camp. It is narrow enough to ride right on your back without getting in your arms’ way for drawing a bow.

It holds plenty enough gear for 1-3 days, and it has plenty of external tie-downs to strap on extra gear or clothing.

I’m sure it would do well for rucking, since that’s what my wilderness country bowhunts amount to.

Video – Maxpedition Falcon II reviews

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Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack review by Airogue
I bought this bag in 2009 from an Army Surplus store for more than they advertise here on Amazon. Worth every penny. I saw it in person before buying so the surprise was not the lack of size, it was the ACTUAL size once you filled her. This bag expands in just the right way to make everything from 72hrs worth of clothing to my 15 inch laptop fit.

The bag fits fully packed under the seat of a larger airliner. The load is comfortable, and with the external compression straps I’ve stuffed the bag but also held jackets, a tent and a water bottle. The Molle attachments are great because I can add additional compartments, bags, firearm magazine pouches.

Check out the Maxpedition Falcon-Ii Backpack @ Amazon.com

Question: How would you rate the Maxpedition Falcon 2 vs the GoRuck backpack? The GoRuck is getting many great reviews but is also expensive. You get what you pay for as you are getting great quality. The Maxpedition 2 is very good value and many athletes have used it in hardcore training.

Question: How would you rate the GoRuck vs Alice pack? The GoRuck is a much higher end pack where as the Alice pack is like an old Volkswagen bug.. it is dependable.

Question: If you had one pack to pick with the goruck vs maxpedition – which one would it be. Hard choice but flip a coin and probably the GoRuck.

Question: How about the maxpedition falcon 3 vs 2 review?

Check out this video on the Maxpedition 3

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