SGPT Interviews Marine Recon and GORUCK Cadre Dave Rage James

SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up?

Rage James: Yes, I grew up a tough kid. My dad was a hot roofer and quiet man; He demanded respect and hard work! I wrestled for Apple Valley, MN they have a outstanding Wrestling Program and also ran track and lived in the Apple Valley Eagles Weight room.

SGPT: How did you get interested in the military and Marine Force Recon?

RJ: It was always in my path. I played army growing up and also stood up for people that could not fight for their self!

SGPT: Can you tell us about your service and what kind of experience that was?

RJ: My military experience was awesome. While I was in [ITS] Infantry Training School, I got the opportunity to take Marine Recon INDOC and I was one of three out of 23 that made it! When I received orders to 1st Reconnaissance Bn. Cco 1st Plt. then the earning process started and everyday got harder until I was Honorably Discharged! The leadership in Marine Recon was at the highest level; they all lead from the front! The opportunity to serve next to and with U.S. Navy SEAL’s and U.S. Army Special Forces, Airborne Rangers, U.S. Air Force Combat Controllers, Para-rescuemen, and all of the Military Special Warfare Community’s was a blessing!

SGPT: Can you tell us anything about your recent visit to BUDS NavSpecWar training center?

RJ: Always a great experience; there was warrior energy everywhere on the Amphibious Naval Base [BRC]. Basic Reconnaissance Course Amphibious phase is at the NSW Base. I know a lot of the personnel on the base and SEAL Scout / Monitoring Staff!

SGPT: How did you get involved with GORUCK?

RJ: I was working and mentoring on Camp Pendleton United States Marine Corps Base and connected to my [MARSOC] U.S.R Marine Corps Recon Brothers and I received a call from fellow Force Recon Brother [Ret] Master Gunnery Sgt. Big Daddy, The Operations Chief for GORUCK. He told me to do some research on The U.S. Army Special Forces Civilian Origination and let him know if I was interested in becoming Cadre and help more people get fit and receive the tools of Special Warfare / Operations! And you all know the answer I gave him!

SGPT: Can you tell us a little about your style of coaching as a cadre for GORUCK?

RJ: Intimidating out of the gate, demand safety, team work and for attention.

SGPT: What projects are you involved with outside of helping with GORUCK?

RJ: I run a Special Warfare / Operations Mentoring Program where I mentor actual delayed entry military personnel for the Special Warfare Pipe Line Special Operations Warrior Mentor Project Challenge [SOWMPC]

SGPT: What are a few tips you would give to a trainee wanting to go to Marine Force Recon or BUDS?

RJ: Grit, Grit and more Grit! Research the Special Warfare Community you’re trying out for, learn the tactics of the task and conditions of want is expected of you out of each phase. Mostly the WATER  – get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Tap in to all of the organizations that are available out there like SEAL Grinder P.T. / The Original SEAL P.T. Course / SEALFIT / Stew Smith / GORUCK / [SOWMPC] Special Operations Warrior Mentor Project and Challenge “One Team One Fight.”

SGPT: Any tips you would give to an athlete wanting to do their first GORUCK?

RJ: Really the same information I put out to become a Special Operator!

SGPT: What is your next big event?

RJ: Veterans Day GORUCK Tough and Light Challenge in The Great State of TEXAS! We will be honoring all of our Veterans and talk about and Honor Chris Kyle, a Native Texan!

SGPT: What book are you reading now?

RJ: I have The Art of War: The Original Edition, Gates of Fire, About Face, The Devil Guard recently!

SGPT: Many thanks for the interview Rage We appreciate your service to this great country and for being a Marine Recon.

RJ: Semper Fi. and Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and hopefully help motivate America!
Respectfully Cadre Rage James, GORUCK

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