Building Strength through Discipline – SGPT Athlete Ron Riggs

Building Strength through Discipline – SGPT Athlete Ron Riggs

From: Ron Riggs
Date: Sat, Feb 18, 2023 at 1:21 PM
Subject: WEEK 7 results

What was your goal when you started training?

I had several goals. One was to learn a new way of working out. I grew up playing football and a lot of what I knew was football related. Another was overall strength and conditioning with more flexibility.

How did you use the SGPT program?

I am lucky enough that my work has a nice gym that isn’t  used a ton and has 90% of the equipment required. I have a ruck and sandbag that I would use and to further my luck there is a flat trail that follows a river for all ruck marches. (Rucks are my favorite)

What were your results?

Overall average was for the strength portion I gained (on average) 30% more strength. I am much more flexible and feel that much better.

Day 1 Ground to overhead 1RM Max Week 1 70lbs Week 7 116.5 lbs up 43%

Day 2 Squat 1RM Max Week 1 270lbs Week 7 390 lbs up 44.4%

Day 3 Dumbbell Bench Press Week 1 80lbs Week 7 90lbs up 19%

Day 4 Ruck March (well I screwed this one right up, but I’ll give you what I got) Week 1 1hour Ruck 4km Week 7 was 6.11km in 60:00 minutes and 8km in 1hour 19 minutes

Day 5 Week 1 Ring Rows (alternative since I don’t have ring rows off a bar) Week 1 ave of 3 sets was 8. Week 7 ave of 3 sets of 10 43% increase

Day 6 I’m 6’6 started at 295 pounds so bent over rows were an alternative for pull ups Week 1 1RM 110lbs Week 7 1RM 148lbs

These 7 weeks have changed my habits for sure. I work shift work and there were some 0345 alarms to be in the gym for 0430 before work.

I figured I might as well start building mental fortitude as well as the strength through discipline and execution.

I look forward to completing the program and getting those pull ups banged out. Thank you.

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