SGPT Interview with Joe Lima GORUCK graduate

goruck san antonioSGPT: Tell us about yourself?

JL: I’m a college athlete enlisting into the Navy after school to pursue a career as a SEAL.

Growing up I played baseball my entire life, and still continue to play.

SGPT: Can you tell us about training to get ready for the GORUCK event?

JL: Training for GORUCK I got myself a nice ruck and ran with it a couple times a week along with crossfit 4-5 times per week.

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The event that I did was 12 hours and 19 miles. It consisted of 21 people and it was the best team event I have done. I never thought I would be able to fireman carry a guy who weighs 250lbs + both of our 30lb rucks. It was a rewarding experience that our cadre pushed us passed our limits.

SGPT: What was the hardest part of the event for you?

JL: The hardest part of the event was getting everyone to play there part. It was really frustrating because some people didn’t know when it was there time to “pay their dues”. Some people ended up killing themselves over the team weights while others were fresh, but we fixed that real quick.

SGPT: Which backpack did you use for the event? Boots or trail running shoes? Did you use Body Glide or anti-chafe balm?

JL: I used the GR1 GORUCK pack, and honestly I used Nike Free 5.0 Running shoes. So used the GR1 ruck , but throughout the event I ended up wearing/carrying many different packs due to the casualties we were having. It was great (GR1). Didn’t have any chafe problems in our Ranger Panties that our entire class wore.

SGPT: What is one thing that you wished you could have trained or done more of?

JL: I wish I would have trained more in boots so I could have worn them at the event.

I think everyone can do the GoRuck event! It is a great challenge for people of all levels and definitely the greatest feeling of confidence in the world when you’re finished.

SGPT: Thanks for the interview Joe.

JL: Thanks Coach Brad.

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