SGPT Interview With Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care

We are really psyched to roll out this exclusive interview with Ray “Cash” Care from the new TV History Channel Show “The SELECTION”

SGPT: Thanks Ray for taking our email questions. Our readers will love to hear about you and the the new TV show

RAY: Its my pleasure brother.

SGPT: Tell us about yourself?

RAY: 44 years young. Currently living in Va Beach. Beautiful wife “Tricia” Son “Mike” and daughter “Nyla” As far as me, Im just living life to the fullest each day. Tons of projects, and always trying to give back and represent the 5326 community to the best of my ability.

SGPT: What influenced you to want to join the SEAL Teams?

RAY: As a kid from Baltimore MD, I was always the kid looking for a challenge, hell a rush. At the age of 18 I knew that I needed to find something, had to find a place where all of my needs could be met. I always have and always will strive to be the best. What better fit then to roll the dice and see if I had what it took to become a SEAL. LOL Guess I had the right stuff combined with some good old fashion luck. You know as well as I do brother BUD/S is 60% mental 30% Physical & 10% LUCK. Hell I will take luck any day of the week.

SGPT: What BUDS class did you go through? What was the hardest part for you?

RAY: My biggest fear was the 50m underwater swim. I still remember being scared shitless about the flip from the initial entry. Water went up my nose and i was like “OH Shit” As i swam to the 1st wall and and did my flip kick as I was about 10 feet from competition, I look over and see my long time friend Tom Bostic just gliding like a champ. He is a hell of a swimmer. I then see a student on the other side of me go tits up. I almost shit my pants right there. A lot was going on and all I could think was. I’m gonna die. Never the less I pushed through it and well here i am telling you my story “There I was LOL”

SGPT: Were you an athlete growing up? How did you train before going to BUDS?

RAY: The word “Athlete” has many meanings. I am so competitive that I would say I was an individual who was extremely aggressive and was always looking for ways to better myself. I always have and always will want to be the BEST ME I can BE. I feel I have athlete traits, heart, drive, determination, will power and all, but lacked the speed, size and natural God given talent. So I said to myself “Ray find a way to be the best”. Train, study, educate and motivate yourself because nothing in this world is free or easy. Believe me brother and I know you get it.

SGPT: If you were to give a young tadpole advice on going to BUDS – what would it be?

RAY: Look here is my advice. If you want it. Go get it. Train like it’s your last day on earth. Give 10000% in everything you do. Learn to love the cold, wet, and unknown. I had people tell me my whole life I would not amount to anything. If I would have listened to them, well I would not be doing this interview. So to the HELL with haters and negative vibes. I have no time for that Shit.

SGPT: What are you up to these days? Tell us about your latest projects?

RAY: I am a mile a minute. Hopefully another season of the History Channel new TV show The Selection. I still deploy overseas. Working on a new fitness line, partnered up with Dr. Brett Osborn, opening up a training facility and running strength and mindset camps. Also I do this with my wife Tricia who for the record can kick my ass in the gym. Father, husband, friend, motivator, educator, decimator. You name it brother, I’m involved. Also 2 more shows are coming down the pipe soon, but thats all I can say and let me tell you what. They are fantastic shows.

SGPT: How did you get involved with the new TV series on the History Channel “The Selection”? Can you tell us more about that?

RAY: Funny enough the producer reached out to me. He was following my Raycashcare former Navy SEAL site and loved some of my prior projects. Cant Phillips, Ultimate Hellweek, and Ultimate Soldier Challenge, but he was most impressed with the mindset training courses I do and loved the work I did with the UCLA Bruins football team. I was very hesitant about the show at first, but after many talks and expressing that the goal was to represent the communities to the best of History channels ability, I was sold. Smartest choice of my career. Much respect to the other instructors who are at the top of their game and of course to the candidates for putting out.

SGPT: Which candidate impressed you or surprised you?

RAY: #27 was the one. Jodi is a tough cookie and in all honesty did more sit-ups than most of the other candidates, male or female. If she could have kept her mouth shout and played the game, I think she would have been in till the end. The silence is what killed her, but mad respect to her.

SGPT: You were also in the movie “Captain Phillips” which starred Tom Hanks. Wow – can you give us an inside look at that experience?

RAY: Humbling comes to mind. I was sitting around reading a book and by the grace of God the executive producer and myself had about a 20 min conversation. The whole time having no clue who he is. Soon after our conversation, this gentlemen says to me “head to wardrobe and tell them Dana sent you” I responded ok LOL, sure enough I go down and a team of ladies outfit my ass, makeup and give me a trim. I then return about 30 min later and Dana says “Cash, I want to try something and want you to meet someone..” I said sure. He then walks me over to Tom Hanks and he says Hi I’m Tom. I responded NO F ING SHIT you are and then somehow had a one on one with Tom. Great guy. Met my family and we went out to dinner and he even gave some time to help my wife’s charity she was helping with. All in al what a life changing experience.

SGPT: What book are you reading now?

RAY: I changed my tactical hat to a fitness hat. Currently I am reading Get Serious by Dr. Brett Osborn for the 20th time and reading health and fitness journals from NSCA.

I always glance over at Commander Mark Divine’s mindset and inspirational lectures and videos as well.

SGPT: Thanks so much for the interview Ray, we really appreciate it.

RAY: My pleasure. What a privilege to do this. I am honored brother. Much respect.

Ray “Cash” Care
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