SGPT Interviews 8 Weeks to Fitness Aaron Moore

Good Morning Mr. Mcleod,

My name is Aaron Moore and I would like to share my success over the past 8 weeks.

Today I finished the SGPT LTE program and am ready to move onto the 365 day program. Since November 25th I have gone from 271lbs to 225 today.

Some back story: I didn’t treat myself very well during covid, increased my eating and drinking. Both of my parents that I was a caregiver for the past 5 years, passed away within this last year. They were both very overweight. My father was a type 2 diabetic. I increased my drinking even more and let it become my crutch and numbing agent. I hadn’t had a sober day in 3 plus years.

Day before Thanksgiving I had a doctor’s appointment where I was informed that I was diabetic now. Not insulin diabetic but my pancreas will never be the same. So I had fun for the holiday, I spent 2 weeks building up to SGPT LTE.

The results are in 45 lbs and 4 belt loops down. A1C has dropped to “pre-diabetic” levels. Blood pressure has decreased significantly.

No alcohol, no added sugar, no refined carbohydrates for 8 weeks.

In closing I want to thank you and your site for providing excellent programs, with massive mental focus anything can be accomplished. I have included starting and current photos.



Aaron Moore

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