SGPT interviews climber Jimmy Webb

jimmy-webb-climber-interviewSGPT: Tell us a little about yourself?

JW: My Name is Jimmy Webb. I’m originally from Maryville, TN. I started climbing when I was about 16 years old. Once I turned 18 I made the move to Chattanooga to be closer to all the amazing climbing we have here in the South East. Pretty much lived here ever since!

SGPT: Where are you climbing now? On a road trip?

JW: I’m actually just hanging in Chattanooga. Been nursing the finger for the past 2.5 months so.. Lots of hiking and exploring new rock. Still so much to do round here!!

SGPT: Tell us about some of your recent projects/ hard sends you have completed?

JW: Well since i’ve been healing up I really wanted to find some projects that were comfy on the fingers. So I cleaned a really nice line out on the cumberland trail. Its a massive overhanging wall that begins on an existing V9 called Salo’s Roof. It’s so rad. Climbs 20+ moves on sick huecos, pinches, and knee bars. Was such a nice experience to finally give some try hard to the rock after some time off.

SGPT: How do you keep your muscles and tendons in shape for the rigorous crimping and lock offs that you do in bouldering?

JW: I think after a while your body just becomes resilient to it all. I climb a lot so I think my body is just used to it.

SGPT: You recently injured your finger – how are you dealing with that injury and recovering?

JW: Ya, at the Legends competition I popped my A2 pulley. Since then I’ve just been trying to stay motivated and occupy my life with other things. I’ve been training a ton for sure though. Spending days and days in the climbing gym doing countless hours of core routines. 4 hours of straight core in one sitting isn’t exactly the funnest thing i’ve done..

SGPT: How do you train for bouldering? Do you boulder a lot and do hard projects? Or do you spend time in a climbing gym? Combinations of both?

JW: I do a good bit of both actually. When the weather is nice I spend every moment I can outside.. but if the weather is shit, like we all know it can be here in TN, I spend my time training at the Tennessee Bouldering Authority. There’s a rad group of guys here that really go amuerte when it comes to training so its easy to stay psyched!

SGPT: Do you use a finger board, campus board or system board ever?

JW: Yes, yes, and yes. One of my weaknesses is for sure my fingers. So when I can I try to incorporate fingerboard workouts into my routine.

SGPT: What is your nutrition like when you are on the road traveling and climbing?

JW: It varies.. I generally just try to eat well. Keeping it simple like eating natural foods and drinking lots of water. Everyone has their vices though.. Mine is beer and chocolate.

SGPT: What are some of your favorite climbing areas outside of the deep South that you have enjoyed?

JW: By far mine is South Africa. There is so much amazing rock there its crazy. And actually it reminds me a lot of home here in Tennessee. Gotta love that sandstone!!!

SGPT: Thanks so much for the interview Jimmy – you are inspiring so many of us to explore and grow our potential.

JW: Cheers man

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