SGPT Interviews Former Navy SEAL Charles Moser

Charles Moser is a Navy SEAL veteran and is a sniper for SWAT on the Las Vegas Police Department. He also owns Swat Concepts where he teaches many fun things to his students.

Seal Grinder PT was given a recent interview by Charles Moser and is now available in this audio below and enjoy this exciting and informative interview on Charles Moser’s experiences as a Navy SEAL and a Swat Team Sniper.

Left: Charles Moser; Right: Claudia Moser, wife


To visit Swat Concepts Please Use This Link HereĀ or simply click on the picture.



QUESTION: Do you have any info on what Navy SEAL snipers use for equipment?

ANSWER: Yes; check out this article—Navy SEAL Sniper Gear List.

QUESTION: I keep coming across people saying to be a sheepdog. Can you tell me what that means?

ANSWER: Basically it means stepping up and being a protector. Check out this article, Sheepdogs—How to Take Action to find out exactly how SEALs and SOF operators mean it and how you can apply the ideas in your life.



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