SGPT Interviews Orca 100 Finisher Glenn Bland

By Brad McLeod 3-21-24

SGPT Interviews Orca 100 Finisher Glenn Bland

Moss doesnt grow on a rolling stone. Or so the saying goes.

Glenn Bland is not one to rest on his laurels after finally finishing SEALFIT Kokoro (you can read the SGPT interview here).

It is a common trait to see successful people (and athletes) as they go on to continue to find more and more success. These type of people have a plan and know how to find a way to win no matter what.

Can we get a big Hooyah for Glenn Bland?!!!!!! Check out the SGPT interview with Orca 100 Finisher Glenn Bland and learn how he continues to thrive despite massive obstacles.

SGPT: Tell us about this race?

GB: The Orcas Island 100 mile run is quintessential Pacific Northwest. It’s anyone’s guess on weather and it’s a tough SOB under good conditions. The trails have plenty of rocks & roots with 26,000 ft of elevation gain.

SGPT: How did you train for this event?

GB: I completed the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile run in TX twenty days earlier, so I didn’t have to train much. Preparing was more about proper recovery by way of nutrition and mobility exercises.

SGPT: How did you get inspire to do this event? Where did you hear about it and got you thinking about it?

GB: In November of 2019 I completed my first official 100 mile run and I was pretty excited about getting something else on the books. Orcas was coming up in February of 2020 so the timing looked good. I dropped at mile 50 that year and began reflecting on the lessons.

SGPT: What was hardest part of Orca 100 race?

GB: the most difficult part of the Orcas 100 begins at mile 15 of the 25 mile loop. The two most significant climbs are between mile 15 and 20. Utilizing small goal mindset is critical during this portion of the race.

SGPT: Do you wear sock liners or use body glide lubricant?

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GB: I used Injinji toe socks for this run along with Bag Balm Ointment.

My feet were in surprisingly good shape after the run.

SGPT: What lessons did you learn when you dropped at mile 50?

GB: Here are my DNF (Did not Finish) Lessons learned in 2020:
Aid stations are the enemy, get what you need quickly and get moving. Don’t sit down and for Pete’s sake stay away from the heater.

Move with purpose at ALL times.

Your last lap may be faster than you think, don’t over analyze the math.

Don’t give negativity a voice in your internal dialogue.

SGPT: What type of trail shoe/boot did you wear for the event?

GB: I usually run in Hoka Speedgoats but wanted to try something different in preparation for the Ouray 100 coming up in July this year. I ran the first 50 miles with Salomon Speed Cross fives. This shoe is narrow with very aggressive tread so great stability. I was satisfied with the results, only one minor blister on 2nd toe, right foot. I ran the second 50 miles in Topo Pursuits. My feet felt better at 100 miles than at 50. Until I have an experience that proves otherwise, the Topo Pursuit will be my choice for technical trail runs.

SGPT: What trail shoe/boot do you wear when you train back home?

GB: Pretty much anything Hoka

SGPT: Thanks for the interview and sharing your experience on the Orca 100. Great job on the finish.

GB: Thanks Coach Brad.

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