Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets Review

The Underground Strength System: Strength & Conditioning Blueprint for Building Dominant Athletes is an invaluable resource for those seeking elite-level athletic performance.

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Authored by Zach Even – Esh, this comprehensive guide picks up from where The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength left off, providing an extensive roadmap comprising 12 chapters focused on cultivating top-tier performance in sports or professions such as Military, Law Enforcement, or First Responders.

Each chapter is a treasure trove of practical wisdom and expert guidance, offering over 100 meticulously crafted workouts. Starting with the ethos of not succumbing to a ‘civilized’ mindset in Chapter 1, the manual dives into the nitty-gritty of creating an effective gym space in Chapter 2 and the crucial atmosphere in Chapter 3. Moreover, it emphasizes the balance between intelligent and intense training in Chapter 4, emphasizing performance over mere appearance in Chapter 5, and delving deep into superior physical conditioning in Chapter 6.

Readers are treated to insights into program design methods in Chapter 7 and a detailed exploration of underground strength and sports performance methods in Chapter 8. The manual even extends guidance on safe, age-appropriate training in Chapter 9 and specifically tailored plans for various athletes – from high school to elite-level D1 college athletes, military personnel, law enforcement, and combat athletes in subsequent chapters.

What truly sets this manual apart is its provision of real, proven workouts implemented at The Underground Strength Gym. With sample training plans, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, for diverse athlete profiles and specific needs, the manual becomes an indispensable tool for coaches and parents aiming to forge top-notch athletes. The depth of understanding imparted – explaining not just ‘what’ but also ‘how’ and ‘why’ – makes this manual an ultimate guide for sculpting athletic prowess and mental toughness. For anyone dedicated to creating true athletic powerhouses, The Underground Strength System stands as the ultimate go-to resource.

Check out the reviews and info below from Zach Even-Esh new book that blows the lid off Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets.  Get an inside look with workouts and detailed info on how to gain muscle mass with bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets Review from Louis C.-
I gained 5 pounds of muscle during these 8 weeks (also put on some fat as well, but muscle building was my main goal). I went from a weak 135 to a solid 145 in weight. I say 5 pounds since I know not everything I gained was muscle, but I could just feel myself getting stronger, muscles getting fuller & bigger. My shirts were getting tighter, my back was bigger and I felt stronger!, My grip improved by time and so did my conditioning.

“After training hard and heavy for over 20 years my body was in break down mode. I was making excuses for being too busy to address my injuries and the throbbing aches and pains. I was waking up with joint pains and going through day after day fighting injuries and not knowing what to do. I finally took aggressive action and learned how to blend health AND strength together. I learned that being healthy does NOT mean using sissy workouts. I train harder now than I did before, the BIG difference is I also train smarter.” Zach Even-Esh, , Strength & Performance Specialist

This program is a downloadable system. BOTH the E-books and the videos. You’ll be able to access the training program within minutes after your investment. You can literally get started on Bodyweight Bodybuilding today.” —Zach Even-Esh

Inside of “The Bodyweight Bodybuilding System” you will get:
Bodyweight Bodybuilding for Beginners ($37 Value) — To ensure you get started safely and most effectively, you can kick start your ‘Bodyweight Bodybuilding’ training with our intro program, giving you result producing ‘Bodyweight Bodybuilding’ workouts to quickly start packing on lean, functional muscle while getting rid of the unnecessary aches and pains in your joints and muscles, without training like a sissy.

Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets Phases I, II & III ($127 Value) — This is the entire 12 week unique ‘Bodyweight Bodybuilding’ program that blends strength, speed, explosive power, muscle building and athleticism into an All In One, Complete Muscle Building System to produce immediate results.

The Bodyweight Bodybuilding Video Tutorials ($37 Value) — Check out these Exclusive Videos showing you exactly how to progress and break down our ‘Bodyweight Bodybuilding’ exercises so you can safely and properly perform each exercise with maximum effectiveness according to your individual fitness ability.

The 5 x 5 + Bodyweight Bodybuilding ($47 Value) — This is THE program for you to follow if you ABSOLUTELY can not or refuse to give up your heavy lifts yet you STILL want to get rid of those nagging injuries.

The Bodyweight BEAST Files ($97 Value) — Never before have I ever been so impressed by TWO men and their prowess in bodyweight training.

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