511 Tactical TMT A1 Flashlight Review

Check out the review and in field testing of the 5.11 Tactical A1 flashlight and you decide if it is good enough for your everyday carry.

First thing you notice is that this is a small handheld light that fits in the palm of your hand.

That said it gives you more light than you would think.

According to website specs it has –

Runtime of 53 minutes on high, 2 hours on strobe, 11 hours on low

Output of 130 lumens on high and strobe, 15 lumens on low

The first time I broke out the 5.11 TMT A1 Flashlight while training out in the field in Montana I noticed that it has a long reach for such a small light.

Being small it ended up in my everyday carry in my ruck or on my off road bike for long distance riding. I have used it as a back up light on the front of my bike when I my other light was going bad.

The main body is made of aluminum (not cheap plastic) and has a small clip to keep it in your pocket or belt loop if you decide to carry it that way.

It is a sturdy well made light despite being used and abused for 2 plus years there are no cracks or parts that have become disconnected.

The 5.11 TMT A1 Flashlight uses one AA battery which goes a long way when you are using it the way I do to read maps or look for something in the cab of my truck.

I have used a lithium battery in the past to boost the performance of the light.

The end cap has a nice texture on it in case you need to change batteries when your hands are cold and wet and muddy. Also on the end cap there is a small hole eyelet where you can run a small lanyard through to secure your light.

I have used this light in the field for over two years and not once has it not performed. I can say that it is weather resistant after being caught in several rain storms in the past months.

We like that it is as compact light at a good price (under $50) and gives adequate light.

What we don’t like.
If it were rechargeable that would be a plus – but then you would pay double the amount.

You can read more about this light at Amazon.com

Check out more details on the 511Tactical website here:

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