Datsusara BattlePro Backpack Review

datsura battlepro backpack review Review of Datsusara Battlepack Pro by Ade:
4 out of 5 stars
So you can check out and watch the YouTube video demonstration review for the pack.

I like pretty much everything about the Datsusara Battlepack Pro and would recommend it for sure.

The main pocket isn’t quite as deep as I thought it would be. But a rolled up Gi still fits ok.

I wish the chest buckle could fold away like the waist one.

Otherwise a solid bag.

Battle-Testing the Datsusara Battlepack 03

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Review by Steve-O
I have the 05 model and use it daily to carry my Gi and gear to the gym for workouts. I have had it for over a year and it has held up fine for what I am using it for. I know other guys with the 03 Datsura pack and they have worn well and not tearing up any. I think they have good quality control on their packs so that helps a lot if you want to have one for a while and not get busted up.

Personally I would go for the 05 model because I prefer it aesthetically and I prefer the new and improved functions that come with it. But this is my personal opinion.

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Question: Coach, do you have any datasura backpack batttlepro reviews? I think you mean Datsusara and yes; check above.

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