Enter the Kettlebell Review

Enter the Kettlebell Review

Enter The KettlebellA question we got at our gym was “Coach, what results from just using Enter the kettle bell workouts?”. Check out these reviews.

10 out of 10 The Bible of Kettlebell Training
By Jim Chandler Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion / Huntington Beach, CA
If you get any book this year on training and fitness, it should be this book. Pavel is the leading authority on kettlebell training. Everyone else is trying to be him. His knowledge and training principles are superior as is his performance with the kettlebells. There is no fluff here, just hardcore kettlebell training. If you want to learn from the best, he is knocking at your door here. LET HIM IN! You will be glad you did.

Enter the Kettlebell! By Pavel – Strength Secrets of the Soviet SupermenEnter the Kettlebell Review

10/10 Perfect Companion to the Enter the Kettlebell DVD!
By Stephen Williams / Arlington,VA, USA
I am new to kettlebells and needed some clear cut, uncomplicated instruction, so I purchased Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell book hoping for a K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach to training. I couldn’t be more pleased with the concise, well illustrated information in this book! Pavel focuses on the proper mechanics of the major kettlebell moves (swing, clean, get up and snatch ,etc.) … exactly what a beginner like me needs to get started properly! Thanks Pavel and Dragon Door for this excellent educational resource!

Enter the Kettlebell!-DVD
Strength Secret of the Soviet Supermen
Enter the Kettlebell Review

10/10 At age 53 I have regained Strength and Confidence
By Dennis Vavra / Edmond, OK USA
Over the years I have tried many types of programs for attaining my fitness goals. Some of the programs did deliver results to an extent, but I never did attain my ideal for REAL STRENGTH. My weight lifting usually consisted of complicated set/rep schemes with more exercises than I could keep track of, and I would often run for miles. As a result I would find myself injured through overtraining and become frustrated and quit. Injuries included shin splints, extremely sore muscles and a herniated disk. At age 53 I have finally regained Strength and Confidence. “Enter The Kettlebell” has exceeded all my expectations with regards to becoming strong again. ETK is direct and simple – just follow instructions and within weeks you will be transformed – as I was. Eight weeks ago I started the ETK program, my waist was 38 inch and I weighed 216 lbs. I now can squeeze into a size 34 inch trousers which I have not been able to do since I left the Marine Corps over 30 years ago, and I have lost 6lbs of fat. I have much more muscle definition in my arms, chest and shoulders, and my love handles have disappeared. My 8 weeks of progress with ETK has inspired me toward greater effort and although I have not yet achieved my strength/fitness goals, for the first time I feel that those are now attainable. A truely Stand -Alone Program for Strength.

More Russian Kettlebell Challenges-DVD
25 Evil Drills for Radical Strength and Old School Toughness
Enter the Kettlebell Review

10/10 Literally from Average to Elite
By Michael Bunting / Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
The title of this review is exactly what the ETK book and video will give. 17 years of dedication to the iron game, and the last 10 months with kettlebells has gave me the edge over my peers. But Enter the Kettlebell has pushed me into a level I thought only the true “mutants” could achieve. A one-arm clean and military press with 60% of bodyweight, easy snatches with more than the 106 lb. “Beast”, and a body, even at my size, that is faster, more agile, and more resilient than those around me are what ETK has delivered. And in a very short amount of time. The program minimum and the Rite of Passage are all that are truly needed to become more than the “real men” around you.

Kettlebells will make you a man among men, but Enter the Kettlebell will make you something more. But these are only words. The only way to truly see is to do it yourself.

Beyond Crunches-DVD
Primevally powerful ab exercises—guaranteed to yield the fastest, most effective results known to man
Enter the Kettlebell Review

10/10 Raw Power…Focused, Intensified, and Honed
By Robert / KY, USA
Whats the difference between a razor blade and a butter knife? Focus. You can try hard, and do little, or you can try hard, and do a lot. What the whetstone did for knives, Enter the Kettlebell does for strength.

Whatever the goal, be it strength or conditioning, Enter the Kettlebell discusses a bare bones, no frills, no excuse method of training that takes a minimal amount of time (but a great deal of effort) to strength.

Don’t waste any more time fretting over what machine you should be making payments on. Don’t blow your time cranking out ridiculous amounts of effort on what seems to be no progress in physical conditioning. The instructions are all here, and for the cost of one payment on a machine, you can be set for months of intense, focused training. The details within can guide a total stranger to fitness in short order, and the ever present community will support you all the way!
10/10 Just what I was looking for and more
By John Redos / Ithaca, NY, USA
As a Division I lightweight rower, I am always in search of way to become stronger while maintaining a given weight. ETK is the answer. I have been following ETK in addition to my rowing team’s program. The results are there. At 164lbs, I started with a 45lb KB and next week will be restarting with a 60lb. My teammates are curious as to how I am gaining strength while loosing weight and mass, and I know the answer is ETK.

Since purchasing ETK in January, I have purchased several more of Pavel’s books. They are perfect for my rowing program, and I am weaving them all together. As a past member of the US National Team (and hopefully continuing member this summer), I plan on bringing ETK with me where ever I travel in my sports endeavors.

Thank you Pavel.

John Redos
9/10 Good bye gym
By David / Ellicott City, MD
I got this book after 2 months of working out with an RKC trainer and my own KB’s at home. I knew the book would primarily cover the basics (ie. the swing, press…) and I wanted any more assistance I could get with my form. Pavel, again, was precise and simple in his delivery. I read the reviews before I buy stuff with Dragon Door, and I could have sworn several people complained that there were no routines. This concerned me, but I don’t know what they’re talking about. Between PTP, Naked Warrior, and Enter the KB, I was able to put together a complete workout, all of which was spelled out with options at the back of this book. I’m doing 3 days of presses and swings/snatches, and 2 variety days. I’m also incorporating abs and pistols. I was glad to see after just 2 months that I could already press 53’s comfortably 5 times. Thanks Pavel. I quit going to my gym.
10/10 The “tsar” of the kettlebell books!
By Martijn Kruiten / Velserbroek, The Netherlands
Just as the snatch is the tsar of the kettlebell drills, this book is the tsar of all kettlebell books, if not of all available exercise books in the world! I had the DVD before, but decided to buy the book too, for some more detailed descriptions, and I’m glad I did! If been looking for this since I started working out in the gym years ago. This book (and DVD) saved me from getting bulky and gave me strength in return (much more manly if you ask me). Expect results in a week (both in strength and looks).
10/10 Incredibly fast progress in the press
By Anders Eriksson / Gothenburg, Sweden
Recently finished the ETK press-ladders. In 5 weeks I went from being able to do a double on my strong arm (and occasionally still failing singles on my weak) to being able to press 5 x 1,2,3,4,5 on both arms with the 32 kg KB.

I’m far from a high-level strength-athlete but I have lifted on many protocols for around 10 years and I can honestly say I have never experienced any progress this fast and steady. And that’s with just three pressing-sessions per week, and not even busting my butt on two of them.

My hat is off to Pavel for outlining yet another simple and yet surprisingly effective method. ETK is an excellent strength-book.
10/10 Kettlebell Domination
By Doug Sides / Rockford IL
It’s very simple really, kettlebells dominate over all other strength tools. Pavel puts it clearly and simply. Easy to follow, effective workouts. Pavel quite simply leads the revolution!
10/10 Pure Gold!!!
By Pat “Hawk” Hardy / Silsbee, TX USA
This book shows you what to do, how to do it, and how often! It takes you from start to finish on KettleBell Exercises. The exercises, such as the swing, don’t look like they’ll do as much as they will until you start doing them correctly! The best book I’ve seen to take you into the true world of exercises that really make you strong and really give you top notch cardio all in one package!
10/10 For total body conditioning – BUY THIS BOOK!
By Jason Goumas / Lexington, KY
After years of wasting time and money on gym memberships I’ve spent the past couple years honing my workouts to be the most efficient as possible. I have degrees in Physical Therapy and Exercise Physiology and quickly found that bodyweight training was the key to developing significant functional strength (you need to check out The Naked Warrior by Pavel and Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade). For general conditioning, however, I relied on the tradidional cardio exercises such as running, sprinting, plyometrics, etc. The kettlebell has been a blessing in that I can get both strength training and cardio completed in a very short time frame! I got mine 2 weeks ago and just today I got my heart rate up over 200 beats/min in under 3 minutes! This should be impossible for a man aged 36 – at least according to medicine! My 32″ waist pants that have been getting a little snug are now loose and I’m looking forward to putting other dad’s to shame this summer at the pool! If you don’t mind working hard to see incredible results do not hesitate to get this book and a couple kettlebells!
10/10 Great guide for all aspects of kettlebell training
By Derrick Simons / Southampton, Bermuda
This manual is exactly what it says it is. Great information on the core aspects of kettlebell training. Easy to follow instructions with ample sequence shots for following each movement. Appropriate references to common mistakes and corrective adjustments for a diverse range of kettlebell routines. The manual features structured routines, which outline basic to advanced -level training programs, along with interesting facts surrounding the history of kettlebell training.
Highly recommend it for those seeking to either start kettlebell training, or anyone looking for additional exercises to an existing strength and conditioning program.
10/10 Worth the $
By Martin Kolar / Nampa, ID, USA
Perfect technique instruction. Will prevent injury from misuse.
10/10 Enter the Kettlebell
By Wade Carter / Gulf Breeze, Fl., United States
A wonderful product. I am a personal trainer, long interested in kettlebells, and the book and dvd are excellent tools. the instruction is easy to understand, and Pavel’s presentation is both succinct and funny. a ten.

Questions from our athletes.

Question: What is a good kettlebell workout dvd for men? Check out Enter the Kettlebell as we believe it is a great program.

Question: Where can I find a etk review? You must mean “Enter the Kettlebell”? Check the review out above.

Question: Where can I get a kettleball dvd by pavel tsatsouline? CHeck out the info above.

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Enter the Kettlebell Review

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