Fjallraven Keb Trouser Review

I picked up a pair of the Fjallraven keb trousers back in the summer of 2017 just before departing to our annual Freak Frog Montana event.

These pants are super comfortable to wear. In the photo above I am wearing the pants during our Freak Frog Montana 3 day event. I wore the pants every single day and they are tough as a fence post.

The Fjallraven Keb trousers work really well for movement and I have used them for full range deep back squats to riding my mountain bike during cooler temperatures (low 60’s to 40’s). If they get a little too hot when biking I can zip down the side zipper on the pants leg with one hand and it allows you to get more wind on your legs. When it gets cooler during the ride just zip them back up.

What makes these pants different are that they have a unique fabric (G-1000) in all of the areas where you need stretch (in the crotch). It has two pockets on the front legs which are perfect for a cell phone or a map for hiking. Think of it as a four way stretch so you can climb a rock face or do a full deep squat without having to worry about any fabric tightening up on you.

You can tighten the bottom of the pants legs to keep out debris by tightening a small strap at the bottom. This works great if you are riding a mountain bike and dont want to get your pants leg caught in the chain. The lower leg has an extra layer of tough fabric which is great if you are hiking through high grass and brush or vines. I dont wear a belt with these pants as they fit snugly on the waist and dont try to drift down.

I just traveled up to the woods in Alabama for a long weekend and wore these pants for 3 days straight and never took them off. Super comfortable.

The G-1000 material can get a small fray when you go through heavy thorns and vines but that is a small price to pay for the breathability that it gives you. The fray that I have noticed does not increase over time and stays put so the fabric is still very immune to extra field abuse.

The pants are 65 % Polyester, 35 % Cotton so they will dry quickly if you get them wet. I just put them on the clothes line for an hour or put them in the dryer on light heat.


Material: Made from a combination of durable G-1000 Eco and stretchy material for ease of movement. The G-1000 Eco is a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton, making these trousers eco-friendly.

Design: The trousers have a pre-shaped fit for maximum mobility, articulated knees for easier movement, and a mid waist with a regular fit. They also have an adjustable waist with a belt, so you can get the perfect fit.

Pockets: These trousers have multiple pockets, including two hand pockets, two cargo pockets with flaps and press buttons, and a zippered leg pocket for storing your phone, keys, and other essentials.

Reinforced: The Keb Trousers have reinforced fabric in high-stress areas such as the knees and seat for added durability.

Ventilation: The trousers have ventilation zippers on the thighs that can be opened to help regulate your body temperature during high-intensity activities.

Water-resistant: The G-1000 Eco fabric is water-resistant and can be treated with wax for added protection against rain and moisture.

Weight: These trousers weigh approximately 625 grams, depending on the size.


Overall, the Fjallraven Keb Trousers are a high-quality outdoor pant that is designed to be durable, comfortable, and functional. With their combination of stretchy and eco-friendly materials, reinforced high-stress areas, multiple pockets, ventilation zippers, and water-resistant fabric, these trousers are a great choice for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

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