Gear Review: 5ive Star Gear Survival Tube

survival-tube5ive Star Gear is coming out with some classic as well as novel survival gear and readiness solutions of late. One of them being the Survival Tube.

This 5ive Star Gear Survival Tube Survival is self contained, and comes with a carabiner to clip onto your kit. At only a few inches in length, it provides several useful tools for bushcraft or urban survival.

An aluminum tube wrapped in several yards of paracord, this device screws open to reveal a diamond encrusted fishhook and knife sharpener, fire steel, striker, and some cotton fire starting tinder.

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As a self contained unit, this is a great little tool to just clip to your pack and forget, or if you add some fish hooks and some fishing line
or Kevlar thread.

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You have a food and fire procurement kit in one easy to tote package. You obviously also have cordage to use for shelter and bushcraft deployments. At under $20, it’s a handy little tool to add to your field kit, or even a great idea for a stocking stuffer!

What we like. Self contained and sturdy with metal construction. With cordage, firestarting tools, and a sharpener, it’s a great addition to kit.

What we don’t like. It’s a bit like Tetris trying to get the tinder into the unit itself and screw it shut.

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