Gear Review: CRKT Rasp

We’ve reviewed a bunch of CRKT products, and a couple that were designed by retired Sgt Maj Darren Sirois out of North Carolina – like the CRKT Sangrador. And like the Sangrador – his new folder the RASP is all business.

This particular folder is elegant in its spartan look and simplicity. Stout and ready to go, this liner lock is much stronger it seems than the other’s I’ve used. The blade itself is constructed of AUS8 steel, with a plain edge and 3.67″ blade. Overall, it’s a robust 8.75″ and tips the scales at 5.6oz. The grip itself is stainless, and admittedly much more comfotable than other folders. It’s ergonomic with scallops cut out by the index finger. The spine of the blade has deep jimping as well.

As far as opening, it’s fast. The flipper function or thumb stud makes this knife swing into action quickly. The blade locks in well, with the liner lock making it easy to dismantle. The belt clip is just as robust, and makes the knife sit low in your pocket. Additionally, there is a lanyard hole at the end.

Overall, I very much like the spartan stonewash of this blade, and the unusual blade shape. It’s sharp, but robust, and elegant yet capable. The locking mechanism is simple and display ingenuity. And bonus – this like all CRKT’s Forged By War program knives donate 10% of the net profits to a charity of the veteran designer’s choice. Pretty cool for a company to be giving back like that, if you ask me.

Pros, what we like:

Elegant and spartan design, locks up tight, and feels pretty damn strong for a folder. It’s lightweight but still hefty and up to most tasks I’ve thrown at it. It opens smooth and closes just as easy. 

Cons, what we don’t like:

I wish the belt clip was reversible. That’s about it.

Update 8/2018 – I’ve been carrying this frequently, cutting up everything in my way in the day to day. Aside from wiping tape gunk off of it, this blade is flawlessly performing. Only one area is starting to dull, but the rest of it is razor sharp. Normally I’d sharpen my knives when they dull, but this one I’m seeing how much it takes before it’s dulled out – which will take a while!

Check out the CRKT RASP at

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