Gear Review: CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

We here at SGPT say that a pen, preferably steel barreled, should be part of your EDC (everyday carry).

Now while it’s always good to have a pen handy for whatever receipt you have to sign or form you have to fill out on the day to day, a pen is a great last-ditch weapon, and unseemly to boot.


p class=”a-spacing-base”>Now, you could kick it up a notch, and grab a tactical pen, like Columbia River Knife and Tool Williams Tactical Pen

The pen’s creator, James Williams,applied his design expertise to the Williams Tactical Pen. James is a long time martial arts instructor and military operations specialist who has trained Special Forces units and law enforcement organizations worldwide. That’s where this pen gets it’s moniker.

Now, history aside, for a pen, this is pretty badass. Engineered from precision machines 6061 aluminum with a flat black tactical finish to minimize reflection, this tool has some heft to it, and a super solid point on the end of it for striking and combat application. The tapered body is both aesthetically pleasing, as well as being ergonomic should you need to use it for a combat approach.

A clean, futuristic interpretation of one of mankind’s basic tools, the CRKT tactical pen is a high-tech writing instrument that can be used as a self-defense enforcer if need be.

Made from precision-machined 6061 aluminum and hard-coat color anodized, they offer long lasting durability and toughness. Available in non-reflective tactical black matte finish. The tapered body improves grip while adding a contemporary look.

The pen is robust, machined, and oh yeah, it writes very smoothly, ya know, like a pen should do.

What we like: Robust, hefty, all aluminum, and inconspicuous in a pocket.

What we don’t like: Nothing, a solid addition to your EDC.

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