Gear Review: G.O.T. (Glock Operator Tool)


The G.O.T. (or Glock Operators Tool) from Code 9 Evolutions lives up to it’s name in a double entendre sort of fashion. I’m sure you think of Spec Ops when you hear “operator” but this tool also helps you operate in a different way. It allows you to perform minor surgery on any one of Glock’s products.

This nifty little tool can help you with pretty much every function you would need to customize a Glock – from adding baseplates to your magazines, to cleaning and lubrication, to doing a full detail strip and taking out the firing mechanism. You can also use the steel punch to pop of the fire control group, or substitute in a new trigger bar.

The G.O.T also has various grooves and scrapers on the end, to really help the user get into the rail channel and clean out gunk, carbon, or grease. In addition, the assembly itself can be used to remove the firing pin and plunger in a simple fashion, and the depressing the takedown button for you the whole time so you don’t need an extra hand.

The tool has basically 5 tools in one – 1) the aforementioned angled edge to clean side rails, foregoing the q-tips and jury rigged items previously needed. 2) An edge to remove the pin for backstraps on all Gen 4’s and it’s polymer, so it won’t scratch up anything. 3) A universal magazine plater remover that works on ALL Glock mags, even the outlier Glock 42 380 ACP variety!4) A metal punch to remove other pins, similar to the one found on a Glock Armorers Tool. 5) And last but not least, the firing pin channel assist which holds the firing pin assembly securely while you disassemble – no more springs and cups flying around!

Bonus – It’s got a lifetime warranty. Just hit Code 9 up and they’ll get you a new one.

One other noteworthy thing is that they are offering free tools to LEOs and Military that are transitioning to the Glock platform!

Pros, what we like: Everything. Well made, multiple functions, and a lifetime warranty. 

Cons, what we don’t like: Nada. Zilch. Get it. 

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