Gear Review: HighCom Security R.A.K – Body Armor

By Alexander Castiglione

Up for review is a fantastic—emphasis on fantastic body armor system from HighCom Security. This US based company puts out high-speed, high-quality gear perfectly suited for our LEO, Private Military Contractor, Military, and civilian private security readership.

In the video review at, you will see why I am so impressed with this package. Weight, fit, function, craftsmanship – all of it in spades.

With their R.A.K kits, which stands for Rifle Armor Kits, the consumer has the ability to pick their plate carrier, armor, and even soft armor inserts. For this review, we checked out their APC Trooper plate carrier, RTSP (Rifle Special Threat) Plates, and Trooper Series Soft Armor.

We’ll start with the plate carrier.

Stellar. The Trooper APC is not only comfortable, but functional. It has MOLLE Webbing all around it, giving you ample places to connect kit, mag pouches, knives, and other tactical gear.

Moreover, it has 2 plate compartments, which accept SAPI Plates. The ones I picked up were SAPI M’s, and fit like a glove. The rig itself is super comfortable to wear, with ample padding on the shoulders – outstanding for my LEO, PMC, and private security guys who need to wear their kit all day.

It also has plenty of velcro for identification for the LEOs reading this, and has sewn in mic-tabs on the shoulder.

Additionally, the latitude to adjust the kit a bunch of ways, and D rings to hang gear, run radios, or hydration tubes. Made of premium cordura nylon, the shoulder inserts have a mesh lining, with significant padding, and a fully adjustable four point suspension system. Again, you have MOLLE webbing all around the kit, so attach those mag pouches and IFAKs all you like.

Again – LEOs: you or your department should be picking this up en masse. It’s got a heavy duty reinforced drag handle, as well as being water resistant. If you need colors, they got you – with about 7 different color options including multi-cam. Aces all around, A++.

Now for the soft armor inserts. These are again, fantastic.

Pliable, and easily wearable with this kit, these soft armor inserts protect more of the wearer, and are rated to stop—wait for it—a .357 SIG at 1470 FPS, .44 Mag at 1430 FPS, .357 Mag at 1430 FPS, all the way to a 9mm 124 grain motoring along at 1400 FPS, and pretty much all small arms in between.

It’s pliable, comfortable, and NIJ rated, as is all their stuff.

I’ve personally looked over their spec sheets, which I can’t share with you due to proprietary info, but it’s flawless and frankly, quite impressive. The soft armor has Level IIIA Standalone protection against handgun rounds, and meets or exceeds all NIJ standards! It’s less than a quarter inch thick, and like their RTSP plates, have multi hit capability! It even stands up to a 5.7 round whizzing by at over 2000 FPS. Again, LEOs, PMCs, Federal Agents – you or your supply chain should be eyeing HighCom.

Now to the main event–the plates.

These puppies are Level III+, and have multihit capability as well. Again, I’ve eyed all the reports and looked at the spec sheets – and these can take fire from 5.56 M193 Ball and M855 green tips flying at 3000+ FPS as well as 7.62×51 high power rifle rounds clocking 2700+ FPS.

Obviously, it can take AK rounds in the 7.62x39mm flavor as well. Moreover, whats really cool about these plates – they are just over a 1/2 inch thick, but weigh 3.5 lbs each…yes, you read that right. 3.5lbs each. 7lbs total for Level III+ protection against multiple rifle rounds with multi-hit capability.

They have a nice curve which makes them comfortable to wear, as well as having positive buoyancy. IE they float. Why is that great?

Let me spell it out for you—if you fall in the water, you won’t have a 20lb brick on your chest, you won’t even notice the scant 7lbs these weigh.

The ceramic composite plates are covered in 1000D Cordura Nylon. The curves on the plates, in conjunction with their APC carrier, make this kit a dream to wear, whether you’re in the heat, cold, rain, or snow.

Overall, this RAK kit is all aces from us at SGPT. It’s lightweight, durable, capable of sustaining multiple hits from 7.62’s, 5.56 – even green tips, and the soft armor can handle every handgun round out there – with multiple hits as well. The carrier is outstanding – comfortable, functional, and good to go. If you’re in harms way on the day to day – check out HighCom. 100% worth it.

Pros, what we like:

Great carrier, very versatile, the soft armor is outstanding: thin, lightweight, and wraparound protection. The plates themselves can stop high power rifle rounds, are 7 lbs!! and have positive buoyancy. Best kit I’ve seen in a while.

Cons, what we don’t like:

Absolutely nothing. This is a home run. Check out High Com Security at


Alex Castiglione lives in Atlanta, and is an avid outdoorsman and competitive shooter. Wher-abouts include getting after it in his garage gym, practicing martial arts, hitting the trails, or running CrossFit and Strongman competitions for his non-profit, Barbells for Bullies, which holds fundraiser fitness competitions dedicated to aiding Bully breed rescues, dog rescues, or other non-profits with similar missions.


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