Gear Review: Kineti Tech G43 Drop In Trigger

Glocks are pervasive everywhere you look in the firearms community. Maybe it’s their slogan of “Perfection,” maybe it’s their 30 year history, or their borderline boring reliability. We can debate that, but one thing is also certain: people modify them to a great extend to make them “perfection” for their own needs – be it competition or concealed carry.

We’ve reviewed another Glock drop in trigger by Kineti Tech, but that was for the double stack 9mm flavor. This time, especially with the advent of the Glock 43 as many peoples go-to CCW, we wanted to review their flat face offering for this single stack as well.

This particular trigger is just as reliable as their offering for Glock’s double stack pistols, and functions the same as a factory trigger, leaving all the safeties in place.

Aside from making it look just plain sexier with the black trigger and red safety bar (there are other colors available), it does lend itself to better geometry for the shooter. It doesn’t reduce the trigger pull weight – that will stay at the factory standard 5.5 lbs, unless of course you add a Ghost Connector to bring it to the 3lb neighborhood. This trigger simply improves the grip geometry to make your trigger press easier to simply go rearward. It subtly reduced over-travel, but not as dramatically as say an Overwatch Precision trigger.

With this trigger, the author was able to achieve 1.5 inch groups with relative ease on a target out to seven yards, shockingly comparable to what can be done with a Glock 19, with more grip real estate and a 1″ longer barrel. The geometry of the trigger truly allows you to keep your sights on target all the way through the trigger press.

What’s more, this trigger drops in very easily. The hardest part, as is the issue with most Glocks, is getting the trigger pin out with some cajoling of the slide stop. Also, since 43s are super-compacts, there are only 3 pins you need to remove as opposed to the 3 with every other model.

Overall, for the money, like most Kineti Tech products, they are a steal for the money. They have great customer service, and they fit the bill for a CCW application.

Pros, what we like: Ease of installation, better trigger press, no fuss, no muss.

Cons, what we don’t like: Nada, just wish they came standard in all Glocks!

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