Gear Review: My Medic Shield IFAK

As our readers know, we advocate greatly for the use of an IFAK (individual first aid kit), especially if you carry a concealed weapon. If you’re going to put holes in people, you better know how to patch them—we’ve all heard the cliche. But it’s a cliche for a reason–it’s true.

My Medic puts out some great products – extremely comprehensive, in fact. A veteran owned business, they have a rich and melancholic story as to how they got started, and you can read all about it on their website. I will say right here, that these are some of the most comprehensive IFAKs out of the box we’ve seen; and we’ve reviewed a lot here. From PxHero JAFO II Trauma Kit to the Gear Review: Blue Force Gear Micro TKN.

But the Shield, for the size, is one of the best.

The pouch in and of itself is pretty awesome, as it has a RATS TQ in it’s own pouch on the outside – ready for rapid deployment. Then it has MOLLE attachments to put right on the webbing on your bug out or in my case, range bag.

Moreover, is has straps if you wanted to secure it to a piece of gear or the deck of your kayak for whatever reason.

And the pouch isn’t the only thing thats pretty damn cool about this rig.

The contents is a stellar assortment of direct action, lifesaving implements. Complete with everything you need to get you or one other person back into the fight, you have TQ, Israeli bandage, FoxsSeal, a Hyfin chest seal, NPA (28 french), decompression needle, survival blanket, gloves, and surgilube.

Pretty much everything you need to deal with pnuemothorax or laceration injuries. What’s more, is all of it is conveniently stowed in partitioned compartments that are a shade of hunter orange, just in case you’re working to save some lives in the dark.

Overall, as I said, it’s one of the best IFAKs you can get, that is good to go the second it shows up at your house. The only one that’s next to it, is the Rescue Essentials 5.11 UCR IFAK. 

They differ in that Rescue Essentials comes with a CAT Tourniquet, but lacks a decompression needle, so it’s a wash either way, and either one would be outstanding for IFAK or direct action loadouts. In general, all of My Medic’s stuff is good to go.

Being a USA-based and veteran owned company, they will only put out the best IFAKs for the most value. They’re great people, and they stand by their products.

Pros, what we like:

Great storage options that is secured in a variety of ways, and the contents lets you treat everything from punctures to bleeds to compression pnuemo injuries.

This modest sized pack is good to go whether you’re in the backcountry, or attaching it to a range bag.

Cons, what we don’t like:

Nothing, we’re stunned. Great product!


Alex Castiglione lives in Atlanta, and is an avid outdoorsman and competitive shooter.

Where-abouts include getting after it in his garage gym, practicing martial arts, hitting the trails, or running CrossFit and Strongman competitions for his non-profit, Barbells for Bullies, which holds fundraiser fitness competitions dedicated to aiding Bully breed rescues, dog rescues, or other non-profits with similar missions.

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