Gear Review: SOG Pent Arc Folding Knife

Up for review today is another SOG folder, however, this one is unlike others we have reviewed in the past. This solid little blade is not a spring assisted folder like the SOG Zoom S30V, but is ready for action all the same.

The SOG Pent Arc uses their Arc Lock System, which is both sturdy and easily disengaged to refold the knife.

A button on the side is easily manipulated and returns the knife back to it’s foldable position. The GRN handle is lighly textured, and embossed with SOG’s signature logo.

The low profile pocket clip also sports their logo, and is reversible. What I really like about what SOG has been doing with their folders is they have the deep concealment pocket clip for an unassuming look.

It doesn’t look like a blade is in your pocket, as you can’t see 95% of it. Moreover, this blade clocks in at a scant 4.4 ounces, great for tactical load outs where weight is mission critical.

As far as the blade, the 4 inch VG-10 has a nice satin finish and is bead blasted to reduce reflection.

The anti-glare blade is EXTREMELY sharp, so much so that I used it to open up the plastic on a case of water, and in fact opened up 2 bottles of water with little effort—just a flick of the wrist.

This blade was designed for defense carry by military and law enforcement – and it suits the role perfectly. A blood groove bisects the blade on both sides, giving it an elegant and menacing look. The Arc lock is definitely strong, and lives up to SOG’s boast that it is “one of the strongest locks available.”

After wearing it for a couple weeks, it is a good EDC.

While I opt for an auto or at the very least assisted opener for a backup knife for EDC, this particular blade deploys quickly with a flick of the wrist, and locks up tightly. It would made a great addition to your EDC as a backup carry—while I would personally (and many self defense experts agree) carry a fixed blade for CQB operations, like the SOG Mini Pentagon.

Overall, it is a fine blade, with an outstandingly sharp cutting area, penetrating spear point, and tight locking mechanism.

Pros, what we like:

Low profile belt clip, satin finish VG-10 blade which is extremely sharp, and solid lock-up with the Arc system. The blade can be carried low profile, and the clip is reversible.

Cons, what we don’t like:

Overall, a great blade for EDC or backup. However, I wish it was spring assisted, but other than that, the design is outstanding.


Alex Castiglione lives in Atlanta, and is an avid outdoorsman and competitive shooter. Whereabouts include getting after it in his garage gym, practicing martial arts, hitting the trails, or running CrossFit and Strongman competitions for his non-profit, Barbells for Bullies, which holds fundraiser fitness competitions dedicated to aiding Bully breed rescues, dog rescues, or other non-profits with similar missions.

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