Gear Review: SPAX16

In keeping with how solid Ontario knives and tools are, the SPAX is no different.

In fact, this hefty tool serves multiple roles – much like their SP8 Survival Machete (another hefty piece of hardware that gets the job done).

Of course this piece can be used as a hatchet or chopping implement, but it is also a rescue tool.

The center cutout can shut off gas lines or open up fireplugs.

Yes, it can do that. Pretty cool, right?

But the Ontario SP16 Spax Toolis much more than that.

It has a solid chisel end that can be used in survival settings to soften up hardwood, chisel, and break up debris, or in a tactical setting.

In a tactical setting, this can be used as a breaching tool.

By slamming the chisel end into a strike plate by a lock, one can use the rounded edge to gain leverage, and pop the door open.

And again, this can be used to shut off gas lines with their unusual shut-off valves, or to open up a fire plug.

All in, this is a very useful piece of kit. 

The Ontario SP16 Spax Tool is a tad heavy, much like the SP8 – but its robust. This is a necessity if you’re going to use it to shut off gas lines, or anything of that sort.

It comes in at 26 ounces, just over a pound and a half of solid 1095 carbon steel. It also comes with a very nicely made sheath of leather with solid grommets and rivets for security, as well as a D-ring similar to the SP8. This makes mounting the piece on your person or gear pretty easy. The hatchet facet of this item – well, that’s pretty obvious. The 8 inch cutting surface is mean, with a wide angle grind, making it less likely to bend when putting it thru the paces.

The blade itself has a 57-59 HRC, as well as an epoxy powder coated blade for rust resistance – very good features for it’s designated purpose. It also has a .25 in thick blade, and their standard, user friendly Kraton handle providing a comfortable and positive grip. It has a 13.1 inch overall length with a flat grind tapered blade. It also comes in high vis orange or flat black, great options for either a tactical purpose or rescue loadout.

What we like: Hefty, robust, several tools in one, thick blade, comfortable handle, serves multiple roles.

What we don’t like: The weight, it’s a bit hefty, but hey, soldier up.

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