Gear Review: TruSpec Stealth Backpack

I was on the hunt for a pack that looked less tactical and more discreet, yet still held the gear I needed day to day or in an urban environment. I checked out the TruSpec Stealth Backpack. I was looking for something that meshed form and function. I didn’t want the MOLLE webbing adorned packs we’re accustomed to seeing, something that looked more like a regular bookbag.

Overall, the TruSpec Stealth Backpack fits the bill. It’s got plenty of internal storage, and holds several textbooks and notebooks, or enough clothes and gear for a weekend trip. The internal organization is definitely skewed more to the urban day to day pack, as you can see in the photos. In the front pocket, you have a spot for several pens, two passport-sized pockets, and a key hook. Internally, you have some MOLLE webbing, and a padded sleeve for a tablet or small computer. Also, on the inside flap of the bag, you have another storage area for some pens and other small office items. I must say the stitching on the inside for both organization areas leaves much to be desired.

The most innovative thing however, is the CCW pocket. You can pick up any velcro holster for a few bucks, like this one, to go on the inside and safely stow your firearm. As you can see from the first picture, it looks like a normal backpack. However, two pieces of velcro hold a hidden compartment shut, and with a good tug you can access your firearm very quickly. I really like this as a feature.

As far as other pockets, you have one on either side, I use one for a computer charger, and the other for a Blue Force Gear Micro TKN.

As we always say, you should always have a med kit on you, especially if you’re carrying a weapon. The pack also has another pouch that is iPhone 6 size – anything bigger like a 7+ or above will not fit inside. However, an iPod would fit quite well, and even more so since there is a hole to snake headphones through. The pack is hydration compatible on either side by the carry handle as well, a nice little feature; even though as stated I feel this is an urban or weekend pack, perhaps even a good “get out of town” bag. Not quite a bug out bag, but a nice non-descript pack to get you out of harms way with the bare essentials.

The padding through the back and shoulder straps is quite robust, and it’s comfortable to wear with 30 lbs in it, as I’ve done on occasion. It also has the same lower-back pad that hides a zipper as one of TruSpecs other packs – the  Gear Review: TRUSPEC Pathfinder 2.5 Pack  – which I’ve taken on over a dozen trips, and love.

Overall, I think it’s a decent pack for the money, especially considering the feature richness and low-key tactical nature of it. However, as stated, the stitching on the organizational pockets leave much to be desired. I think the best use of this pack would be as a day to day urban commuter bag, school bag, or quick urban-get-out-of-town bag.

Pros, what we like: Low key yet functional in every way, good storage, innovative CCW pocket that is easy to access, hydration compatible, and great light use commuter or school bag. 

Cons, what we don’t like: Internal stitching is OK at best. 

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