Gear Review: Werkz IWB TLR-1 Holster

 Up for review today is another kick-ass holster from Werkz. Quality Kydex construction, great retention, and the same versatility of their APLc holster make this one another winner.

Constructed from high quality Kydex, this one mounts my preferred light for EDC and personal defense loadout – the TLR-1 HL. Suffice it to say that I prefer to carry that one, as it’s brighter and has a strobe function – but admittedly is heavier and more cumbersome than the APLc.

That being said, this holster is just as good as the other one I raved about for my Shadow Systems Glock 19 with the APLc on it. The main differences aside from the type of light, is that this on only can be set up for 4 ways of carrying (LH IWB Appendix, LH IWB 4 o’clock, and RH for both as well) simply by changing the orientation of the reinforced clip.

And yet again, like the APLc one we reviewed, this one can accommodate both extended/threaded barrels, as well as an optic. It’s pictured here with my Glock 19 MOS with the Burris Fastfire 3 on it.

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Overall, great retention, and very comfortable. The clips are solid, and the weapon comes free smoothly. There are no hangup spots that i’ve found, which is suprising considering how cumbersome the TLR light is. Even with all the accessories on it, this one still conceals well in the 4 o’clock position. You can adjust cant and ride height, as well as the angle to allow IWB Appendix carry or hip carry. You can even configure it for crossdraw if that’s your thing.

Overall, I love this holster, and frequently wear it both for concealed carry, and in matches for the CC divisions. Grab one. 

Pros, what we like: Great retention, versatility and construction. Couple that with great customer service and free shipping via Amazon – and it’s a win. 

Cons, what we don’t like: Nada, grab one.

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