Gear Review: Werkz M2 IWB Holster for G26

I recently got the chance to check out another Werkz holster – the M2. This one is for my trusty and oh-so-compact G26. It’s kind of hard to find a good holster for such a small CCW. They’re either inaccesibly low riding, or they print as much as a full size – so what’s the point of carrying a compact?

Well, I don’t like holsters that are “tuckable” all that much because if you’re going for such deep concealment, access isn’t a concern for you. Conversely, the ones I’ve tried that are appendix, usually don’t sit right. They pinch, print, or poke – none of it good.

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I checked out the M2 with the claw – which helps angle the grip toward your body, reducing printing on the appendix carry option. However, I’d been running this kydex all types of ways, and the load-out pictured is how I carry it IWB 4 o’clock. It has an aggressive cant, which allows both conceal-ability and access. I can also run the belt clip vertical, and attach a claw to it, or omit the claw for a much slimmer package. Moreover, you can adjust the ride height, and I have mine in the two bottom-most screw holes, allowing me to get a full purchase either way I’m running it.

The fit and finish is great, and attention to detail is superb. You have all types of options with one piece of plastic. The retaining and spacing washers are not flimsy, but great quality. What’s more, it there are no burrs or edges, everything is smooth. The retention is solid, so you can move around without worrying about losing your firearm. However, you can adjust it up or down for your preference. This was huge for me, as I feel, especially with compacts like a G26 or G43, getting a good grip is the hardest part. This mitigates that. (Read: helps eliminate. But PRACTICE with your CCW)

Pros, what we like: Made in the US by people receptive to feedback and that take risks and challenges. Holsters are available on Amazon and are well made, affordable, and comfortable. Werkz is thinking outside of the box and giving people one holster with several options. 

Cons, what we don’t like: They can’t make ’em as fast as we want ’em. Just kidding, they’re cranking them out. Snag one. 

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