Gear Review: WRECK BAG

Wreck Bag We recently got our hands on a WRECK BAG and had a chance to push it through the paces.

A WRECK BAG is much more than a sandbag, it’s a weighted bag, sure.

But it’s not like the other sandbags on the market.

It’s known for it’s durability, and has proprietary rubber filling, which is impervious to weather, mold, and most importantly – getting wet and getting heavier.

Traditional sandbags can go into a workout weighing 50lbs, and come back at double that.

While that’s OK every now and then to embrace the suck, you don’t want to be doing that all the time.

Many Obstacle Course Races like the Bonefrog, Civilian Military Combine (CMC), and Rugged Maniac have been seen using the 50lb variety; but here at SGPT, we tested out the 70lb, the biggest one they make. They’re testing a 80lb one now.

These are good to go right out of the box, but they offer the WRECK RIBS as well, which I’d recommend. They also offer a neoprene sleeve for it, but I didn’t really see the need for our purposes.

The ribs are great when doing sandbag throws or ground to shoulders. I personally put this bag through about a dozen workouts, ranging from sandbag throws, ground to shoulders, and weighted step ups. It in no way shows any sign of wear or abuse, and I’ve been trying. It’s easy to see why so many OCRs use these in their events.

The rubber filling acts as a bit of a shock absorber when you are slamming it down between reps, which I imagine only adds to the life of the WRECK BAG.

Wreck Bag Size ComparisonYou can also easily hose it down if it gets dirty, since it’s got a mesh-like covering which is plenty durable for drags in the gym or on soft grass or dirt, but I wouldn’t recommend using it outdoors on pavement. Other than that it’s pretty much indestructible. Just for a size comparison, please see below. That’s a standard 45lb Olympic barbell it’s next to.

Overall, it’s pretty high quality.

The two orange handles that come with it seem very secure and solidly sewn, and the material itself seems very strong. The outer surface of the bag is a bit rough- it rubbed some skin off after about 90 ground to shoulder cleans, so if you are a delicate snowflake, you might want to grab the sleeve that goes with it.I don’t imagine if you’re reading this it will faze you though.


The Wreck Bag Rib Cage in my opinion are a must to give you ample carry and throw options for a proper workout. However, the WRECK RIBS do need to be secured in a certain way, otherwise they start creeping during a workout – which is par for the course for something that’s not sewn on. They use a hook and loop closure and velcro, but are very solid and didn’t come undone – merely slid down a little bit.

Wreck Bag Girl

Overall, the WRECK BAG is a fine value and versatile tool. It doesn’t mold, retain smell or odor, and always weighs the same. Being pre-filled and spill proof, this bag is good to go right out of the box. They even offer smaller versions which can be used in stead of a kettlebell or wall ball for many exercises, called the WRECK BAG Mini.


We like that the bag is mold and mildew proof, rubber filled, tough, easily cleaned, well sewn and hefty. A robust weighted implement all around.


Sewn-in handles on the body, but the WRECK RIBS do a fine job in lieu. Rough surfaces. Other than that, good to go.

Recommend highly.

UPDATE 8.8.17:

After using the wreck bag, as well as some competitors sandbags, I do find the cumbersome 70lb bag a little unwieldy.

The sand based counterparts like the Brute Force we’ve tested seem to be easier to work out with – with the handles being sewn out of seat belt material, and strategically placed. With these the WRECK RIBS migrate a bit. Also, with the Brute Force ones, you can add or subtract filler bags. This one is 70lbs, take it or leave it.

You also don’t have the ability to use pea gravel or some other type of material to up the weight. That being said, this bag is way better in the rain, or if you were using this in the outdoors. Since it’s rubber mulch, it doesn’t retain water or add extra weight.


Alex Castiglione lives in Atlanta, and is an avid outdoorsman and competitive shooter.

His where-abouts include getting after it in his garage gym, practicing martial arts, hitting the trails, or running CrossFit and Strongman competitions for his non-profit, Barbells for Bullies, which holds fundraiser fitness competitions dedicated to aiding Bully breed rescues, dog rescues, or other non-profits with similar missions.


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