Luminox Evo Navy SEAL Blackout Men’s Watch Review Model 3051

We had heard the word that Navy SEALs used the Luminox watch—so we purchased one to review and put to the test.

It has been 3 months of testing in the field and it has not broken yet. I picked up the watch for $189 on Amazon.


I’m not sure I don’t like it, but the feel of it is not as rugged as my g shock or MTM. I need to put it through the ringer and see how it holds up. John R.

The Luminox Evo Navy SEAL Blackout Mens Watch 3051 has a bright orange vial at the 12 o’clock position, as well. I have had a great experience with mine. I also have the monograph version and it is also great.

The only thing is my monograph has the black metal band. I wouldnt recommend the metal band. Even thow it is very light material and can barely even feel it on you. I would still prefer the plastic band.

I’ve got one it’s scratched up and the crown broke but it was able to be repaired. Don’t get me wrong Ive had 2 one was a gift from a SEAL teams buddy of mine (I don’t wear because it’s sentimental). Yes; SEALs do wear Luminox. I love my 3081 but it’s expensive and I’m pretty hard on my EDC shit so when I work I wear a G-Shock.Overall its a good watch. Its doesn’t irritate when sweating (have silicone band) and its not heavy. The hands illuminate nicely at night. The darker it is the easier u can see then but they’re not overly bright. A nice dull.

The only major complaint about the Luminox Black out Evo was the fogging. It happens going from indoors to chicago winter conditions or when i have wore it during the summer and have gone into Lake Superior. Also the cost of replacing the battery.

I use it as my work watch in the construction trades for about 2 yrs now. Great for seeing night but have been having fogging up issues in below freezing air or rapid air to water temp changes. I like the fact that the Luminox Black out Evolight weight and takes a beating. The illuminating gas tubes are easy to see at night but only if you are wearing it. What I mean by this is no one can see the illumination as it does not send a light report out to the surrounding area. The watch itself has a great look and has a tactical feel to it.

I use it for all of my outdoor activities and while fishing, it is not affected by water in the slightest. The only knock is the strap holders. They tend to break over time and I have had to replace those. My preference would be some sort of Velcro strap to eliminate those small holders. However, I do not want anything with any color as the all black look is what I like. Hope this helps and good luck with whatever you choose.

Question: Do the Navy SEALs really use the Luminox watch?

Answer: Luminox probably shipped a couple of dozen (or more watches) to the Teams. Guys used them in the field.

Question: How can I find out more about signing up for the Navy and getting a contract for BUD/S to become a SEAL?

Answer: Check out the Navy’s website here:

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