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muscledriver timer reviewsMuscleDriver “No Limits” Timer Review

Forget the negative review they must have gotten a dud. I have had mine for over a year and it’s it working like a charm. The crossfit gym I got to has one as well and in the expansive 9,000 sq ft space you can hear and see it clearly. The remote works well from a distance.

I freaking love it, I used to use a stop watch but it’s like comparing a tricycle to a porsche. Do your research, there are plenty of youtube video reviews on this. Neptune barbell in my experience is a pretty good company and I bought it through them and had no problems with shipping and communication. Buy it and you’ll never turn back.

MuscleDriver “No Limits” Timer Review¬†

As a CrossFit box owner, we’ve tried a couple different wall timers — but they were returned. This “No Limits” clock is the one you want! Very customizable, very high quality, and great size. It’s not HUGE, but it’s definitely not small either. It’s just right! I think the beeps during count down are loud enough too. Could be a LITTLE louder, but even with music playing we are able to here the beeps from outside (the clock can count down from 10 seconds, and it will beep on 3, 2, 1, and a higher pitched beep on “GO”). I should have purchased this timer long ago. Great product with easy controls. This is a must have for anyone in crossfit.

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