Neuro-Rack Reviews

Neuro-Rack Reviews
neuro rack reviews
By Bill Kelley / Woburn, MA, United States
I have wanted to get an Isometric rack for years but could not find a space for it. The Neuro-Rack solved this problem. This sets up and stores away in a minute. It is heavy duty and seems to be very durable. I have no regrets about making this purchase.

Bruce Lee using Isometric training

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Strongman and Neuro-Mass author, Jon Bruney specializes in blitzing the body with special combinations of grinds, isometrics and explosives. Jon calls them Neuro-Sets. When performed with proper intensity and in the correct sequence, Neuro-Sets put your system into neural overdrive—and they explode your strength.

Jon Bruney sled pull

Jon invented the Neuro-Rack as a piece of equipment to produce tremendous strength gains, by isometric versions of high-yield barbell lifts. Many people would like to perform heavy-duty isometric exercise, but don’t have access to a power rack. The solution is the Neuro-Rack. It is portable, heavy-duty, and accessible. The Neuro-Rack is the perfect companion for a wide range of users, from champion powerlifters to bodyweight enthusiasts.

Steel Diamond Plate with 2 Links, 40” x 16”
Black, powder coated
Chain & Hooks: 2 – 1/4 Steel 9ft Chains
4 – 3/8 Straight Spring Snap Hooks
Steel Bar with 4 Links, 1″ diameter, 60” length
Black, powder coated
Total Weight: approx 72lbs

Neuro-Rack – $357.00

Neuro-Rack Reviews

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