Neuro-Rack Review

The Neuro-Rack, designed by powerlifter and strongman Jon Bruney, is an innovative training tool that has revolutionized the way athletes and fitness enthusiasts approach strength training. Jon Bruney, known for his incredible strength feats and background in neurology, combined his passion for strength and his knowledge of the nervous system to create the Neuro-Rack.

At its core, the Neuro-Rack focuses on a principle known as “isometric strength training.” Unlike traditional weightlifting exercises, isometric training involves holding a position or resisting a force without moving. The Neuro-Rack provides a customizable, versatile platform for isometric training, enabling users to target specific muscle groups and activate their nervous system in unique ways. The key benefit of this approach is the rapid development of raw strength and power.

Bruney’s Neuro-Rack has gained popularity among athletes, particularly those in strength sports like powerlifting, strongman competitions, and CrossFit. By harnessing the principles of neurology and isometric training, the Neuro-Rack challenges individuals to reach new levels of strength and performance.

This versatile tool not only helps in building muscle but also enhances overall physical capacity. Whether you’re an elite athlete or someone looking to improve your fitness, the Neuro-Rack offers a cutting-edge approach to strength training that can lead to remarkable gains in power, endurance, and athleticism.

Strongman and Neuro-Mass author, Jon Bruney specializes in blitzing the body with special combinations of grinds, isometrics and explosives. Jon calls them Neuro-Sets. When performed with proper intensity and in the correct sequence, Neuro-Sets put your system into neural overdrive—and they explode your strength.

I have wanted to get an Isometric rack for years but could not find a space for it. The Neuro-Rack solved this problem. This sets up and stores away in a minute. It is heavy duty and seems to be very durable. I have no regrets about making this purchase.

Jon invented the Neuro-Rack as a piece of equipment to produce tremendous strength gains, by isometric versions of high-yield barbell lifts. Many people would like to perform heavy-duty isometric exercise, but don’t have access to a power rack. The solution is the Neuro-Rack. It is portable, heavy-duty, and accessible. The Neuro-Rack is the perfect companion for a wide range of users, from champion powerlifters to bodyweight enthusiasts.


Steel Diamond Plate with 2 Links, 40” x 16”
Black, powder coated
Chain & Hooks: 2 – 1/4 Steel 9ft Chains
4 – 3/8 Straight Spring Snap Hooks
Steel Bar with 4 Links, 1″ diameter, 60” length
Black, powder coated
Total Weight: approx 72lbs
Neuro-Rack – $357.00

Strongman Jon Bruney also wrote the book Neuro-Grip Challenge. I believe this is a unique and innovative book that introduces readers to a groundbreaking approach to strength training. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of strength and conditioning, as well as his background in neurology, Bruney presents an engaging and challenging program that leverages the power of the mind and body. At the heart of the book is the concept of “Neuro-Grip” training, a system that focuses on using specialized hand-held tools to engage and strengthen the neurological pathways that control muscle activation.

The “Neuro-Grip Challenge” is not your typical fitness or strength training guide. It delves deep into the science behind neural activation, explaining how enhanced grip strength can lead to increased overall strength and athleticism. The book outlines a series of exercises and challenges that progressively build upon one another, allowing readers to develop superior grip strength, better control, and greater overall physical performance. Jon Bruney’s innovative approach makes “Neuro-Grip Challenge” a must-read for athletes, strength enthusiasts, and anyone looking to unlock their full physical potential by harnessing the power of the mind-muscle connection. It offers a fresh perspective on strength training that can yield remarkable results and improve athletic performance in various disciplines.

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