Pavel Tsatsouline The Naked Warrior Box Pistols

Pavel Tsatsouline The Naked Warrior Box Pistols

Pavel Tsatsouline gives instructional advice on doing box pistols.

Tip #1
Choose a box with a height you can squat down to and control. If shaky or fall then add a small box to adjust height.

Tip #2
Don’t go straight down – push your butt back.

Video – Pavel Tsatsouline The Naked Warrior Box Pistols

The Naked Warrior
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Tip #3
Pull yourself back towards the box.

Tip #4
Foot should stay planted. Press entire foot into the deck.

Tip #5
Keep hands in front of you for balance.

Tip #6
If wobbly on the way back up – grip the deck with your feet.

Tip #7
Pull up the muscles in your quadricep. Tighten the muscles with tension.

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