Sminiker Defender Tactical Pen Review

Check out the review and comparison for the Sminiker Defender Tactical Pen and you decide if it is worthy of being a part of your every day carry.

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Sminiker Defender Tactical Pen Review

This writing instrument/weapon shipped really fast and was happy to see it arrive.

You can feel that the Sminiker Defender Tactical Self Defense Pen has a great weight to it so it doesn’t feel cheap like it is going to break.

I tried it out on a one of those plastic dummies at the MMA gym and it drove right into the plastic with no problem.

I also took it outside to my barn and had some old glass sitting in a corner.

I tapped it with a little force and it broke the glass with a big crack. Another tap and I was through the glass.

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It also works good as a writing instrument so it is not all weapon – it has another function.

I am going to pick up another one for my wife to carry in her purse.

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This small weapon cost me less than $15 and is a great addition to my every day carry.

I put it in my shirt pocket and have my Glock 9mm on my waist belt and a 511 tactical folding knife in my pocket.

The Sminiker Defender Tactical Pen is built a lot sturdier than I would have thought.

I looked at the Uzi brand but they are twice as expensive so for the price this a really good deal.

I went through airport security no problem with this device and made it the first time. But the next time around it got confiscated.

This should be part of your Everday Carry (EDC).

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