Tabletop Gear Review: SOG Zoom S30V

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We got our hands on a SOG S30V, and in this author’s humble opinion, it just might be the perfect EDC knife. Let me say that again – this knife is nearly perfect for EDC.

It boasts an aluminum handle, with carbon fiber inserts, accenting the 3.6 inch S30V steel blade (with a RC of 58-60 for you knife geeks, making it pretty damn hard on the scale), which opens with a simple flick of the thumb via SOG’s assisted open technology. And, man, is this thing fast. 

Not only is it lightning fast when you open it, it is light, clocking in at only 4.2 ounces. The drop point blade has a nice satin finish (we will be doing an after action report after carrying this for a while to see how rugged it is), and the blade is quite sharp out of the box. It passes the illustrious “paper test” with flying colors upon arrival.

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I have another SOG folder – the flash tanto – which I love, but that might find itself attached to some MOLLE webbing in one of my packs soon, and no longer my EDC after messing with this beauty. Both knives have SOGs low-profile pocket clip, which is great, especially in places where knives are relatively frowned upon. (This one in particular dons the SOG logo for an extra touch of craftsmanship) For those of you that don’t know, it causes basically the entire blade to surreptitiously stow in your pocket, looking like a pen or some other device with a clip – not a knife.

Check out the SOG Zoom at Cabelas here:

It has a relatively unusual blade release – a simple and elegant small button, which is sturdy yet easily depressible by your thumb. Long gone are the days of folders with liner or back locks you need both hands to close. This can be opened and closed one handed with ease.


SOG S30V Locking Mechanism

My only complaint (if you can even call it that) is the locking mechanism (see above). Now don’t get me wrong, when a blade deploys as fast as this one, you need a failsafe, otherwise you might be slicing through some flesh with the razor sharp blade if something taps the thumb stud. It’s a tad small, but in a way I like that; as it’s unassuming and once you know it’s there and how to work it, it becomes muscle memory. I only mention it as a caveat – for those of you that like S&W M&P series knives with their switch, or even other SOGs like the flash tanto with a toggle – this is outside of that box. But frankly, it doesn’t bother this author in the slightest.

Check out the SOG Zoom Assisted Folding Knife at

It’s sexy, it’s sleek, and it gets the job done with grace. If you need a workhorse EDC that works as well as it looks, the SOG S30V is your blade. The MSRP on this model is about $229, but you can find it for cheaper if you look. With a lifetime warranty, all metal construction, and nice lines, you really can’t go wrong. You’ll have this for years.

Overall, I give it a 9.5 out of 10. Like I said, it’s nearly perfect for EDC.

Pros: Everything. Lightweight, quick deployment, sharp blade, good safety mechanisms, ergonomic, and great jimping. 

Cons: None. Or at least I can’t find one. Buy it. 

Update April 2019: This has been my Every Day Carry EDC for many months now, and it’s absolutely fantastic. It opens very quickly, requires minimal maintenance, and I have only sharpened it twice. It’s been used for everything from cutting zip ties to opening boxes, and has still come back for more. It’s so quick to deploy it’s almost scary, and the low profile clip is outstanding.

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