VSSL Cache review

Check out the review for the VSSL cache canister that we have been using for camping trips and survival events.

First thing out of the box the VSSL Cache Aluminum Container with Flashlight will impress you as it is built strong but lightweight with aluminum.

The tube is 9 inches long and 2 inches in diameter and weighs 12 ounces.

It is water resistant and impact resistant so you don’t have to worry as much when you are carrying it in the field.

The vessel can easily carry a lighter, a pill bottle of medicine, cotton balls with vaseline for a fire starter and a sparker igniter as a back up.

We quickly added it to our everyday carry in the field along with our other go to gear.

The cache tube that we received has a compass on one end and a small led flashlight (200 lumens) on the other end.

Touch the button and it will pulse in case you need to signal someone that you are in trouble.

The container has nicely textured grips where you unscrew the pieces so even if you hands are wet and muddy you can get to your lighter and supplies to make a flame.

Check out the VSSL Cache Durable Aluminum Container with Flashlight @ Amazon.com

The light can last up to 40 hours on strobe mode and gives out plenty lumens to light up a map or see what the heck you are doing in your dark tent or shelter at night.

On the website they say that the LED lights will never need replacing.

We tested the compass while in the field and put it along side a Silva compass and my cell phone with a north arrow app and it worked fine.

You can bury the cache tube if you want to have it for future use or if you are playing a survival game and hunting for a map.

What we like. The overall functionality in that it can be used to hold many things.

What we dont like. Not sure on that as it is all good to go gear that we will use in the field.

We really appreciate the opportunity to check out gear and test it in the field.

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