Weck Method RMT Club review

We picked up a Weck Method RMT Club a few months back and have been using it in my home garage gym.

I like the club as it is completely different from any other piece of equipment that I have in the gym.

Despite leaving it outside for several months it shows no wear and tear.

I like gear that you can use outside and not have to worry about.

The Weck Method RMT Club that I am using is 4 lbs and is great for building hand and forearm strength and working on rotational strength.

My daughter plays softball and she has been using it and doing exercises for rotational strength.

It came with a poster showing all of the exercises so we both trade off doing them together.

RMT stands for Rotational Movement Training which means the ability to maximize efficient rotational power throughout the body.

Check out the Weck Method RMT Club @ Amazon.com

The RMT club as a durable, flexible club head with a strong handle, giving it the ability to withstand high intensity exercises like hitting it on a tire or padded floor.

Inside there are pellets that shift so when you swing the club you have internal shifting weight.

Video – How to train with the Weck Method club

Check out the Weck Method RMT Club @ Amazon.com

You can also use it for Non-Dominant Side Training™- improving the non-dominant side of the body to minimize deficiencies and enhance overall performance.

Also you can use the club for Tensional Balance Training™- establishing correct tension throughout the body allowing you to load the ground with more power and efficiency during athletic movement.

It also includes a full 40 min workout, FREE online access to additional videos, sports specific workouts, and an exercise wall chart.

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