T1 Ammo review

T1 ammo reviewWe recently received two boxes of T1 ammo from our friends at Spotter Up and took it out to the local range to shoot and review.

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They are based out of Sarasota, Florida and are a disabled Veteran (US Army Ranger) owned business.

All of their ammo is made in the U.S. and they can also do custom orders.

We shot 4 magazines of 9mm rounds through my Glock 19 with no jams or failure to eject.

I will recommend this ammo to all of my friends who are shooters.

We still have another box of rounds to shoot and will be taking it up to farm this weekend for more target practice.

They make 9mm and a wide assortment of other rounds.

Check out this recent quick interview we did with Gary (founder of T1)

SGPT: Tell us about your business Gary?

GS: Brad, T1 Ammunition is manufacturing business that only produces new ammunition. Our primary focus from the beginning was to set a foothold into the law enforcement and government areas which we achieved, as we looked at expansion we saw there was a fit into the competition world with USPSA , IDPA and 3gun which has really grown into a great customer base. Producing a competition load has really paid off, especially being chosen to be the only loader for TEAM GLOCK. We do have expansion plans in the works but we take our time to solidify a plan before kicking it off.

SGPT: What inspired you to start an ammo business? Tell us about how you started.

GS: There was never a true inspiration I have to say. It was actually an opportunity to purchase an existing business and restructure it without having to start from scratch and be the new kid on the block. We purchased an existing business the was a reloading service which had been in business since the 1960’s that had a customer base, good history and machinery. We started the restructure, the business model and went for it.

SGPT: What makes your ammo different or better than the other brands?

GS: I would have to say what makes us different is we try to be a solution provider for the customer and not cookie cutter business. We have been focusing on the customer service side of the business without over promising and under delivering. Ammunition is overall built the same way of course but we definitely take our commitment serious with attention to detail, customer feedback and custom loading.

SGPT: Thanks for the quick interview Gary.

GS: Thank you for the time and it was a pleasure to have you do an article/review.

Question: Do you have any discounts of coupons for ammunition. Yes; check this page as any deals that we get on rounds we will post here and pass them on to you.

Question: How can I find out more info about the National Rifle Association? Check out the website here:

spotterup-com-logoThanks for our friends at SpotterUp.com who helped send us ammo and gear.

Check out the SpotterUp.com website for more reviews on tactical gear and other cool stuff you can use out in the field.

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